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Pregnancy: 33 week update

From left to right: 29 weeks, 31 weeks and 33 weeks

Tomorrow I turn 34 weeks so decided that a pregnancy update was well overdue, now that I'm well into the third trimester. I can't quite believe it, although when I think back to when I found out in December it does feel like a long time ago.

The bump is well and truly a proper bump now, with strangers often commenting on it and being offered seats without having to wear a baby on board badge. Baby seems to be having a lovely time in there too - at around 30 weeks I noticed the movements change from kicks and punches, to more stretching and rolling around. You can now feel little limbs (although can't tell what limb it is!) and see my whole belly moving. My friends got to witness this when we were in Germany recently for a wedding, and they couldn't believe it. I think it freaked one of the boys out!

At my 31 week midwife appointment my bump was measuring a bit small, so I had a growth scan on Friday ahead of my 34 week appointment next week. I wasn't too worried as know how common they are and my midwife said she didn't expect me to have a big baby, but was lovely to hear that everything was OK and they're perfectly happy with the size. The scan was so much less clear now it's bigger (almost 5lb!) but we could see the little one sticking it's tongue out and yawning which was so cute. I can't wait to meet him/her.

I'm still feeling pretty well but life is definitely getting more uncomfortable, especially with the heatwave we're having and having to commute to work. I was struggling yesterday as just couldn't get cool - the best place for me is being sat in the car! The bump just feels heavy and it's so much more of an effort to roll over in bed, or to put shoes on. I have hardly any clothes that fit but have bought a few maternity maxi and t-shirt dresses which I am living in at the moment. 

I need to wee what feels like every 5 minutes, and the baby loves to press it's head against my bladder, it's particularly annoying at night as our bathroom is quite far from our bedroom. Another thing that started in the third trimester was night leg cramps - they are hideous! It's only happened a handful of times but is the most awful pain and makes me scream. Luckily Chris is a pro now at quickly stretching them out. Apart from that though, I feel like I've been pretty lucky with my pregnancy - so far at least!

I'm feeling quite positive about the labour as have now completed the Positive Birth Company hynobirthing online course- I can't recommend it highly enough and it's a bargain at £35. Obviously I've not been through labour yet but it's been worth the money solely for how calm it's made me feel about it, and how much knowledge I feel I have now about how the body works. I know that the birth may not be straightforward but I feel like I've got the tools to cope with it, and that's a great feeling.

I've bought most of what we need now and there are just a few bits and pieces left to buy which I'll get when I go on maternity leave in 2 weeks. Can't quite believe there are only 9 days left at work for me! After being at my company for almost 7 years it's a weird feeling as they are really like a second family, but I feel ready for a break from it and to focus on a little person for a year.

Daisy x

Life: The Pig Near Bath - Hotel Review

As you know, last August we got married and Chris and I received some vouchers for The Pig hotel from some friends- they could be used towards a hotel stay, food, or a spa treatment. We decided to put them towards a two night stay at the Pig Hotel near Bath so on Sunday we made our way to the south of England for a little staycation. We were so lucky as the weather was scorching and we felt like we were abroad as we wandered around the centre of Bath and enjoyed drinks in the gardens. I love reading hotel reviews so wanted to share my thoughts.


The Pig near Bath is one of 5 hotels in the chain and they are rapidly expanding with three more opening in 2019. It's in a really idyllic location with a sweeping drive and feels instantly relaxing as you get out of the car. The hotel is about a 15/20 minute drive from Bath so you're not in the city centre - something you might miss! We drove down so it was easy to pop into the city centre and to nearby pubs but would be more tricky without a car - although you could easily get taxis to and from it. 

Hotel and grounds

As you can see from my photos, it's a beautiful hotel and really feels like a country retreat. Hunter wellies line the entrance hall and there's a really homely feel, despite there being 29 bedrooms. We checked in with the lovely reception girls and were given a tour of the hotel before being led to our room. There are plenty of rooms and spaces for just chilling out with plush sofas and open fires (would be so cosy if you're visiting in the winter) and there is a outdoor terrace and huge garden which was perfect for us to enjoy the weather. We loved sitting outside with a drink and reading our books in the sunshine. 

The hotel grounds are also worth exploring. You can walk through their impressive kitchen garden (where most of the food comes from) and go and visit the pigs! You can also find their Potting Shed here which is where the spa treatments take place. We didn't try one but my friend said it was the best massage she's ever had. 

If you just want a relaxing stay you could easily stay within the hotel grounds and just enjoy them.

The room

We stayed in a Snug Room which is located in the main house. These rooms are slightly smaller than the more expensive ones, and feature a shower rather than a bath and shower. Usually I'm all about the bath but the monsoon shower in the room was amazing and I didn't want to get out of it! The room is beautifully decorated in the hotel's signature style and gave me a lot of decor inspo.

There are lots of nice touches too - you get mini size Bramley toiletries (my favourite!), a larder stocked with snacks (tea & coffee is free), a small selection of magazines and a Roberts radio. My only complaint would be that if you wanted biscuits with your tea you had to pay for them and I think these should be included - but a minor niggle!

The bed was super comfy and I am going to email them to ask where their bedding is from as it was so luxurious. I love hotel bedding!

Food and drink

The Pig describes itself as a 'restaurant with rooms'. A type of hotel that seem to be popping up more and more. They pride themselves on a 25 mile menu where everything is sourced locally and the menu changes regularly. They have a beautiful greenhouse restaurant where we had dinner on our first night. If I'm honest we were slightly disappointed with the food - it wasn't cheap and I think we expected a little more.  Don't get me wrong - it was beautifully presented and really tasty but we weren't blown away. I think our recent trip to South Africa has spoilt us slightly! 

Breakfast isn't included in the room rate and again, isn't cheap at £11 for the continental spread and £17 for both the continental and a hot breakfast. We had breakfast there on one day and both went for the continental. It's a really great spread with a lovely selection of pastries, juices, granola stations, fruit, toasts and spreads - all labelled with where they've come from. There was honey from their beehive and eggs from their hens (I very much enjoyed the boiled egg station!). It's also lovely to sit in the greenhouse restaurant and to enjoy the peacefulness of your surroundings there.

Drinks-wise, they have an amazing selection and their cocktails are amazing! Obviously I'm not drinking but their mocktails were delicious and most include Seedlip gin (the first non-alcoholic spirit) which is my new favourite thing! I also tried kombucha for the first time. The staff really know their stuff and was great to chat to them about the different drink offerings. 

My thoughts

We loved our stay at The Pig and would love to return, and to try out their other locations. It was everything we wanted from a hotel - beautiful location and decor, really friendly staff with amazing service, good food and comfy rooms. The only slight disappointment for us was the evening meal, and having to pay extra for the breakfast but it wouldn't stop us from going again. We will definitely be back!

Daisy x

Pregnancy: 23 week update

I thought it was about time I post a pregnancy update as I've been very quiet around here! I'm now 23 weeks pregnant and will be 24 weeks on Monday. It's funny as the first trimester felt like it went so slowly but the weeks seem to be flying by now. 

The rumours were true about second trimester - at about 14 weeks I felt far more 'normal' and wasn't needing to go to bed early every night. I am still feeling tired but it's so much better than it was and I've actually had motivation to do things in the evenings and my social life has resumed somewhat! My body does keep reminding me to take it easy though. We spent two weeks in Cape Town at the beginning of April and after a couple of days of non-stop holiday fun I woke up feeling awful and had a few days where I had to miss out on some activities and just rest in bed. Luckily it passed but it's so important to remember that you although you can feel relatively normal, you're still growing a human!

Speaking of the little human, he or she is doing really well. We had our 20 week scan the morning we came back from holiday and it was amazing. Everything is looking good and we were told that we have a very active one on our hands. We are keeping the sex a surprise and I keep changing my mind about whether it's a girl or a boy! 

I have started properly feeling the baby now too. I had a few weeks of just feeling flutters, and funny little movements but now they are real kicks and you can see my stomach moving as they kick and move around. It's so surreal but so lovely - and quite distracting when you're in meetings at work! My bump definitely popped around the 20 week mark and my goodness, my boobs have grown. It's strange getting used to your changing body and I am just living in maternity jeans at the moment.

Now that we've had the 20 week scan, I've felt like I can start buying a few bits and pieces. My Mum kindly bought us a Snuzpod and we will be using the cot I had as a baby which has been lovingly passed around the family! I've been obsessed with watching newborn essential videos and making lists of must-have items but am going to try and hold back from buying loads until the baby is here and I'll know what I really need! 

Daisy x