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August 27, 2011
I've decided to jump on the Instagram bandwagon and share some of the pictures I have been taking using the fantastic iPhone app (here). I think it's a nice post to share on a regular basis and I love looking at everyone's lovely pictures. Credit goes to other blogs but namely Sailboat as Jennie has been doing regular Instagram posts which are fabulous and I like how she's been writing a piece about each photo!

Mum and Dad were away for the week so Chris and I went food shopping. This is what happened- a trolley full of pizza, chocolates and ice cream. There were some healthy goods under there somewhere!

I used a voucher from Groupon to treat myself to some Gossard underwear. The deal was £15 for £40 worth of underwear so was a brilliant offer and I am so in love with the set.

♥ Mmmmm- Krispy Kreme Glamour Glaze doughnuts that were delivered on Thursday night and a treat for all the family. In awe of how much the glaze looks like glittery lipgloss!

A new duvet set for the bedroom

♥ Little Charlie pup sleeping on his paw (and cuddly toy). He's just over 7 months now and such a character. He's just been castrated so has had a couple of days of being very quiet (extremely unusual for him) and dopey. He was back to his usual self this morning and bounding around.

♥ My desk at work although only for 2 weeks more as I have a new job at Comic Relief! Very excited to start and to finally look at moving up to a more central area- we have been looking at flats in the Greenwich area which look lovely.

14 comments on "Instagram 001"
  1. Wow that is a heavenly shopping trolley! All that chocolate is making me hungry! Aww Charlie is SO cute! Give him an extra cuddle from me! ♥

    Love instagram posts! Looking forward to your next one already!

  2. @Jennie- glad you enjoyed it! And thanks to you for inspiring me with your posts- love reading yours every week! Will give Charlie a big hug from you! xx

  3. You've made me hungry now :) Doggy is adorable xx

  4. I love instagram too :-) those donuts look delicious too x

  5. Congratulations on the new job, it sounds exciting! and Charlie has is super cute :) x

  6. I love instagram! :) And I think I've said this before already but congrats on the new job! Will you be moving into London?

  7. I need to visit the Bristol Krispy Kreme, stat.

  8. Ooh, the glamour glazes look scrumptious! And your doggy is so cute!!

  9. And also, congrats on the new job! x

  10. I love instagram too :) love the new bedding and congrats on the new job! x

  11. @Diane- thank you! Yep- we're looking at areas now. Currently thinking Greenwich :)

    Thank you for the congrats girls!xx

  12. Those glamour glaze doughnuts look delicious. Congrats on the new job, it sounds exciting! x


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