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Clemence Poesy in Gossip Girl

September 19, 2011
I used to love Gossip Girl and watched it without fail, until a number of other TV shows came along and stole my attentions away from it (Dexter, Mad Men, 24...). I just didn't have enough time to fit it in! However I've gone from a 20 minute commute to a rather longer 1 hour 30 minute one (door to door) and so have filled my iPhone with episodes of Gossip Girl Season 4. I have been sucked right back into the glamour, fashion and beautiful boys of Gossip Girl.

I love seeing what all of the characters wear, but I've been particularly in love with Eva, played by Clemence Poesy who has starred in a few episodes in this series. Here are some photos from the episodes- with lots of Chuck thrown in for good measure. The outfit in the first photo is my ultimate favourite outfit of hers.

You know you love me,
Gossip Girl
(couldn't resist!)
5 comments on "Clemence Poesy in Gossip Girl"
  1. I loved Eva's outfits too! :) x

  2. Gossip Girl used to be my favourite programme then I couldn't keep up with the new series' and stopped watching, I must start watching again! She always looks so pretty and effortless xx

  3. I love Gossip Girl, can't wait for the new season! She does have the most gorgeous outfits x

  4. I personally don't think Clemence Poesy is THAT pretty, esp in Harry Potter where she was supposed to be absolutely beautiful. I like Gossip Girl though

  5. SO excited to see season four! Clemence Poesy just does effortless French chic so well!

    Sarah x


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