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Redfoot folding shoes

September 05, 2011
I love receiving my Groupon emails everyday, although feel I may have overdone it with signing up to the London, Surrey and also the nationwide deal emails. Oh well- I will never miss a deal!

Over the past few months I have seen a few deals on the folding shoes from Redfoot. And everytime I saw a deal, I kept meaning to buy it but everytime I forgot. Apart from the last deal I saw where I purchased it as soon as I saw it and bought a pair of the Chelsea Black Shoe folding shoes for £19.99 (and £5 p&p) when they should have been £45. There were plenty of others to choose from but I thought simple black was the best bet as it'll go with most outfits.

I have wanted a pair of folding shoes for quite a while. I'll be honest, I'm no good in heels. I would love to wear high heels everyday but I just couldn't. I look silly walking in them and they hurt my feet. For a night out I do wear heels but by 2am by feet are aching and I always have to take a pair of ballet pumps in my bag to change into.

This is why fold-up shoes are perfect! They take up so much less room and also come in a dinky little bag so you don't have shoes sticking out of your bag. Fab!

8 comments on "Redfoot folding shoes"
  1. Those are such a fantastic invention! x

  2. I've also signed up to too many Groupon emails! I've looked at the fold up shoes in Aldo before and thought how useful they'd be on a night out, may have to invest in some! x

  3. Wow I just found your blog, and absolutely love it, its so inspiring. I follow you now for sure, am a big fan!
    if you get a chance pop up by my page xoxo Tamara

  4. they look, a-mazing! I've seen them before and told myself i have to get them, now i will :D

  5. i love my folding flats. perfect for the end of a night. love the blog too! xx

  6. I like folding shoes too, although sometimes, I kind of feel uncomfortable wearing them, especially if their soles are a tiny bit too thin.
    taos shoes


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