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My foundation collection

October 05, 2011
Apologies for my terrible blogging recently. Life has been busy as I've been settling into my new job (absolutely love it) and also flat hunting in London. This evening our offer was accepted on a beautiful flat in Clapham so as long as references are all OK we have a new place to live from mid-October! All very exciting.

I have a few bits and bobs to post about, namely the new Illamasqua perfume 'Freak' and a review of the Liz Earle Skin Repair Light Moisturiser however I thought I would share with you the foundations/tinted moisturisers I currently own.

After receiving the Boudoir Privé box I decided to utilise the gorgeous box the products came in and have been keeping my foundations and tinted moisturisers in there. I'm tempted to sign up for a few months just to build up a collection of these lovely boxes! But anyway, onto the foundations...

These are my two most expensive foundations; the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light and Nars Sheer Glow. I wasn't really impressed with the Nars Sheer Glow when I first tried it (I think I was expecting proper amazing results) but recently I have been mixing it with some of my cheaper foundations and it works fantastically. My skin always looks great when I wear this and is a perfect colour match (Mont Blanc fyi). What are your opinions on the Sheer Glow foundations?

Here are my four more mid-range foundations. The Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid is great for mixing with other foundations as I think it's slightly too dark for my skin- it provides lovely coverage and blends so easily. L'Oreal True Match is probably my favourite out of the four- it's such a lovely coverage and really does 'match' to my skin. The Rimmel Recover is what I used all through summer and especially on holiday- it makes your skin glowy and doesn't feel heavy in the slightest. Finally the Revlon ColorStay which I used to use every day without fail- I've actually hardly used this and will probably throw it out soon. I find it far too heavy and if I use it will mix it with a lighter foundation. I did used to love it though.

Finally I have three products which are more tinted moisturiser types. The Origins VitaZing (review here) a summer staple for me and I definitely agree that it's a wonder product- am unsure of how much use it'll get in the winter months however. Could rave about it for a long time! The Garnier BB Cream (review here) is also brilliant although a bit dark for me now so I'm going to have to buy the tube in fair. Finally, the Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint (review here) which I didn't give a fantastic review of, but have found myself wearing it a lot and really liking it.

What foundation/tinted moisturiser are you currently loving? If I had to pick my three favourites out of my current collection I would choose the L'Oreal True Match, Nars Sheer Glow (mixed with other foundations like the Maybelline) and Garnier BB Cream.
11 comments on "My foundation collection"
  1. I love Loreal true match too. One that I've been using for around 6mnths now, and absolutely love is (believe it or not) collection 2000 lasting wear (in glass bottle). Great for someone who likes a good amount of coverage, and cheap as chips!
    Those boxes are pretty btw! I use my GB boxes for storage too ;-)

  2. I really want to try NARS Sheer Glow but not sure if it's worth the price! I used to wear Revlon Colorstay everyday but have realy gone off it recently :/ I've been loving Bourjois Healthy Mix from the "drugstore" and Clarins Everlasting is amazingggg xxx

  3. I like the Aveeno tinted moisturize SPF 30. It feels heavy first, but then 5 min later you don't feel it at all anymore. The only problem is that it isn't very moisturizing. I have a very dry skin, and even with a coat of very moisturizing cream before applying the tinted moisturizer, I find my skin peeling a bit off a few hours later.

  4. Nice collection of foundies! I find this post helpful for me to consider what kind of foundies I shall yet to try on. :)

    PS. Come join my ongoing giveaway on my blog. Thanks.


  5. Congratulations on the flat, Clapham is a great area! My current most used foundations are loreal true match and max factor smooth effect. I'd really like to try Estee Lauder Double Wear. x

  6. You have a nice collection, Im still undecided about the liz earle sheer tint, i really want to like it but im not 100% sure about it yet x

  7. I really need to find my perfect foundation - at the moment I mix MAC studiofix (too heavy and dark) with a mineral one. Quite intrigued by this one -- !

  8. I have just picked up Color Stay, I used it last year and fancied trying it out again, I have been switching between Sheer Glow and Studio Fix Fluid for the last few months though xx

  9. Your four mid-range foundations are my favourite foundations that I've used over the years xx

  10. I keep meaning to try Sheer Glow, heard so many good things about it. Doublewear is my favourite at the moment. Congratulations on the flat, it looks so gorgeous! You must be so excited to move in xxx

  11. For me, Garnier has been a trusted brand for years. Are the others safe especially after diamond peel treatment?


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