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October Sun

October 16, 2011
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This weekend the weather has been gorgeous and so warm for mid-October. On Saturday my parents, Chris, the dog and I headed to West Wittering beach near Chichester for the day. I was so glad we did as it was beautiful there and Charlie had such a great time running around. We set up camp on the grassy area outside the beach and cooked lunch on a camping gas stove before chilling, reading papers and walking on the beach. I would definitely recommend visiting West Wittering- it's a huge gorgeous beach and has won awards too.

I thought I would share some photos that we took on the day- all using my iPhone and some that Chris took.

I know I'm biased but he is such a beautiful dog. And he looks so happy here!

Did you make the most of the lovely weather this weekend?

I don't think there will be any blogging for a while as my laptop has broken (am using Chris' now) and we move to London tomorrow so it'll take a while to get the internet up and running. I will be back though!
5 comments on "October Sun"
  1. That first picture is stunning! Good luck with your move to London!

  2. I went to Uni in Devon and used to love being able to pop to the beach at the weekends when it was nice weather, nothing better! Good luck in London! x

  3. Lovely pics, I hope the move to London goes well x

  4. that first photo is so gorgeous! it makes me want to be there :)
    good luck with the move!


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