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Made in Chelsea: Millie and Caggie

November 08, 2011
I watched the first episode of Made in Chelsea and wasn't drawn in, however since watching more episodes I found myself eagerly awaiting it each week. Yes, it's another 'reality but a lot of it staged' show but the scenes of London are gorgeous (I think it's the lighting they use) and I love seeing all of the girls' outfits.

Caggie Dunlop and Millie Mackintosh are my favourites in terms of look and style. They are both stunning and always look amazing. I love love love their make-up- it always looks glowing, bronzed and so well done. Millie is actually a make-up artist and has her own blog and YouTube channel (she has a video on her channel with Tanya Burr/Pixi2woo). From reading and watching she usually wears the Chancecaille tinted moisturiser which is ridiculously expensive at £55 but oh, how I want it now!



Do you watch Made in Chelsea?
10 comments on "Made in Chelsea: Millie and Caggie"
  1. I Do watch it, at first I started to watch it because I thought I'd love hate it, but I actually enjoy it much to my shame! I Love the music and I would love to look like Millie! The boy fancies Caggie, he says she's more 'girl next door'!
    Belle du Brighton

  2. I am a bit obsessed by it even though I swore I wouldn't watch ... oops! In fact MIC and TOWIE are the only things i watch these days ... god, i sound dumb! lol x

  3. I absolutely love Millie! Love her even more since she's a beauty blogger!

  4. £55 on a tinted moisturiser, YIKES! Don't think I'll be buying that anytime soon lol xx

  5. They are both so beautiful i cant decide who i love more! I always watch MIC, massively love the programme, i think its becasue i secretly want to be them! haha :o) xx

  6. I much prefer Millie to Caggie! I watched her video on her channel and I'm so inspired to spend hundreds of pounds on expensive make up now haha :)


  7. Made in Chelsea is my guilty pleasure - love Caggie she's brill x

  8. I was exactly the same. The show isn't the greatest but I've found myself totally addicted! :)


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