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Mary Berry's Mega Chocolate Chip Cookies

November 10, 2011
The last recipe I posted was also a chocolate chip cookie recipe from the Hummingbird Bakery book however I've tried another recently from an old Mary Berry cookbook and thought I would share it as it is sooo super easy and less fuss than the Hummingbird recipe (even though I slightly prefer these cookies). I made this recipe for a party last weekend and they went down a treat. I then made them again yesterday for the family and they are being very much enjoyed. So here goes...  

Ingredients for approximately 24 cookies  
175g soft margerine  
225g caster sugar  
2 eggs  
350g self-raising flour
100g plain chocolate chips (I used a mix of dark and white chocolate and just chopped up roughly)


1) Pre-heat oven to 180°c and lightly grease 3 baking trays. At my friend's we had limited oven space so I just used 1 baking tray and would bake a small batch of the mixture at a time.

2) Measure all of the ingredients into a medium bowl and mix until a smooth biscuit dough is formed.

3) Place large spoonfuls of the mixture well apart on the baking trays and flatten slightly with the back of a spoon

4) Bake in the oven for 15 minutes or until golden brown.

I wasn't lying- it's so easy!
8 comments on "Mary Berry's Mega Chocolate Chip Cookies"
  1. Mary Berry is my baking goddess!

  2. These look really good, I love cookies! Will have to remember to come back and use this recipe the next time I'm doing some baking! x

  3. Mmm cookies are my favourite thing to bake! Think I'll try this recipe at the weekend :)

  4. @daisychain- she's really come back into fashion! Love it.

    @Caroline- yes, do give it a try! So simple but so yummy

    @Lydia- let me know if you give it a go :) x

  5. SO making these! Thanks hon xxx

  6. I love how easy you make recipes sound! Makes me want to do them a whole lot more!

    Ive got an autumn beauty giveaway on my blog right now, so come check it out if you get a bit of spare time :-)

  7. Mmmm will be making these this week! X


Thank you for the comment! x