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Christmas Countdown - Favourite Games

December 20, 2011
Our family play a lot of games and at Christmas time, even more games. We bought a Wii last Christmas and spent most of our time playing Mario Cart, Sports Resort and Just Dance 2.

I wanted to share our three favourite board games to play. Would love to know yours as am always on the lookout for more fun games to play!

4 comments on "Christmas Countdown - Favourite Games"
  1. We just brought Tetris from the wii store - it's still so addictive!

  2. I just bought Cranium for our family for Christmas - i love it! Especially the clay modelling even though its so doifficult sometimes!

    Articulate is ace too. Every month the girlies get together to have a board-game night and this is one of our favs!

    Our family are also addicted to the Wii and Mario Kart is the best game ever! Hilarious even just to watch too :) xxx

  3. Aw, I wish my family got together and played games... I've never played any of these games, I've barely even played Monopoly! As a result I often lose :( haha

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  4. I LOVE Articulate and Cranium. You should try 'Outburst', a bit like articulate, but even more frustrating.



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