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Christmas Countdown - My Christmas Day

December 24, 2011
Happy Christmas Eve everyone! I can't believe how quickly December has gone. When I was little the lead up to Christmas went so so slowly and I'd be rushing it away. Now I'm older life just seems to be whizzing by. I love hearing about how people spent their Christmas as children. Christmas is still brilliant but it was so magical back then. On Christmas Eve my brother, sister and I would be jumping around the house, listening to Christmas songs and jumping on the beds (much to my Dad's dismay- the dust, the dust!). As we were so excited for Christmas Day we would get ready for bed super early and if we were lucky we'd get a little Christmas Eve present before bed. We would get some sherry, a cookie and a carrot together for Santa and his reindeer and put them in the hall (the next morning there would be crumbs left, and half a carrot on the plate).

The real fun would begin when we tried to get to sleep. It was impossible. My sister would be out like a light but my brother and I would just be so excited that it would take us hours. It is only now that I appreciate how it was even worse for our parents who were so exhausted and had to wait for us to fall asleep so they could fulfil their Santa duties. Morning would finally arrive and we'd wake up at about 5am. We had to wait until 7 to wake up our parents but they came up with the ingenious idea of putting a present (always a book) on the end of our beds that we could open and read until 7 finally arrived. At 7 we'd drag our sacks full of presents into their room and open them on their bed.

After sack presents we'd have a nice breakfast that was never appreciated when we were little as we just wanted to OPEN MORE PRESENTS. We'd then have our presents from under the tree and Mum and Dad would open theirs. The long wait between breakfast and Christmas dinner would be filled with playing with our new toys, watching Top of the Pops Christmas Special and eating lots of chocolate. I love how all rules go out of the window at Christmas- anything goes! After Christmas dinner we would play lots of fun Christmas board games and then watch some of our new videos whilst Mum and Dad napped. We'd then have a light tea of crackers, cheese and probably more chocolate. Sometimes Mum would bring out a sneaky present for each of us that she'd held back- it was always a great end to the day.

Writing this post has made me feel so Christmassy and also want to be little again so I can go back to the old Christmas days! This year we'll be spending the day with my Nana. My Mum will probably wake us up (if you'd told me that when I was 8, I would have been shocked) and we'll open our presents in the living room. The traditions generally stay the same- chocolate throughout the day, the big Christmas dinner- although it'll be us joining in the afternoon napping! We still play games like the Wii, Cranium and Articulate and have crackers and cheese for tea. You never lose the Christmas traditions!
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