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Christmas Countdown - Present Ideas

December 17, 2011
There are so many lovely Christmas presents that you can buy in the shops and online. It can be overwhelming. Magazines and blogs are handily filled with gift guides for every person you can think of and websites make it easy for you to filter to price ranges and type of gift.

I love choosing gifts for people but my favourite presents to buy/create are the personalised photo gifts on sites such as Snapfish and PhotoBox. I have done these sorts of presents for all occasions- a photobook for my Grandad's 80th, a mug for my Dad's 50th, a calendar for my Mum, even a jigsaw for a Christmas present. I've just seen that PhotoBox now does photo iPhone covers which is another great stocking filler.

If you want a special present that family members would love I really recommend having a look!

Both images taken from Snapfish
5 comments on "Christmas Countdown - Present Ideas"
  1. I love these personalised photo gifts! x

  2. I want to make a photobook for our wedding/honeymoon photographs. I think it'd be the cheaper way rather then printing out 100s of images - thanks for the link recommendations definitely going to give them both a look.

  3. I love personalised photo gifts aswell, I want to get my dad a personalised diary with loads of pictures in it :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  4. Hi Daisy!!
    I'm a new follower, hi! I am loving this idea for a christmas present, it's such a simple but effective gift!
    Xo Amie

  5. Oh I made a whole photo book for my other half from them last year !


Thank you for the comment! x