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My 10 days to Christmas countdown

December 14, 2011
This year I've been embracing Christmas and feeling very festive. The Christmas tree went up on the 1st December, I've been listening to Christmas playlists at work and my Christmas cards have all been posted. To make my blog more of a festive treat I've decided to write a post each day in the lead up to Christmas- my 12 days to Christmas countdown. I will be sharing...

1. Favourite Christmas songs
2. Favourite Christmas films

Present ideas
4. Present I always asked for but never received

5. Pretty Christmas trees

6. Favourite games to play at Christmas

My most memorable Christmas present
8. Christmas interiors
9. Lovely Advent Calendars

10. Christmas day traditions and how I will be spending Christmas this year

Feel free to use this list for a little blog inspiration of your own- I would love to learn more about your Christmas loves and traditions! The countdown starts tomorrow!
6 comments on "My 10 days to Christmas countdown"
  1. I might take some inspiration from you and do some of these on my blog (if you don't mind?) :) I'm doing 'blogmas' and starting to run out of post ideas. Looking forwards to your posts :) xx

  2. I love the picture, I have a think for blue lights. I look forward to your posts :)

  3. Oo, I may have to steal this, hehe :)
    Look forward to it! xxxx

  4. This is a lovely idea :) I might start it on my own blog!

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  5. Love this idea, I was thinking about doing something similar but haven't really had time.

  6. Looking forward to reading the festive countdown! x


Thank you for the comment! x