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The Alexander Wang lookalike bag

March 29, 2011
When Victoria posted about the faux Alexander Wang Rocco bag she had managed to find on eBay I fell in love straightaway but decided to wait a while before buying it. I have no good reason for waiting so long, however a month later I couldn't hold back any longer and placed my order (you can find the eBay seller and the bag here).

I paid on the 20th March and the bag arrived today from Hong Kong- I was so surprised at how quickly it arrived as was expecting to wait a few weeks. In a nutshell- I love this bag ridiculous amounts. I don't own many bags really- I tend to buy one I love and use it to death. This is my new 'use it to death' bag. It has two mini pockets and a zipped pocket on the inside (one of my bag requirements) and extra pockets on the sides too. A huge thank you to Victoria for letting me know where she found this bag!

Edit : the bag is no longer on eBay but there is are similar versions that can be found here, here and here.