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January Favourites: My Top Three

January 28, 2012

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light - this foundation was too light for me in summer but now we're into the depths of winter (although evenings are getting lighter- hooray!) my skin is at its fairest and so this is a great match. Even though it's the light version of Double Wear I do find it a little heavy and so mix it with this sample of MaxFactor Lasting Performance- I love the results. It lasts all day long and makes my skin look flawless without looking like I'm plastered in foundation. 

MAC MSF Natural - I've already raved about this powder in my post here so won't rabbit on about it again. In a nutshell; best powder I have ever used.

♥ Benefit Cha Cha Tint - this came in my wonderful goody box from Benefit at the Diet Coke Get Glam event a couple of weeks ago. I've never been that interested in the Benefit 'tints'. I tried the small bottle of Posie Tint when it came free in Glamour magazine but wasn't very impressed. However at the Benefit event it was applied properly and I realised I needed to be more generous in my application to get the best look. I do like Posie Tint but the real favourite for me is Cha Cha Tint. It's a gorgeous coral-y colour and gives a lovely healthy colour. I just dot three 'brushes' on my cheeks and then blend in. Lovely!

7 comments on "January Favourites: My Top Three"
  1. Ahh I just repurchased Double Wear Light today as my tube ran out earlier this week. I am loving it right now! x

    1. It's such a perfect winter foundation! Have worn it without fail for most of the month! X

  2. I really want MAC MSF Natural so many people have raved about it :D x

  3. I really want to try the cha cha tint, I have benetint and love it but like the sound of a more coral shade! x

  4. I love MSF Natural, if you use them wet they are utterly gorgeous!

  5. Love love love Mac Mineralize powder. My fave, totally agree.


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