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Monday Summary 002

February 06, 2012
Dinner tonight- yum!

My 5 good things:

1) Making a really delicious dinner with Chris. The recipe can be found here and it's really simple to make and such a good winter warmer. It's basically pesto (the recipe uses green but we used red, hence the colour), crème fraiche, cherry tomatoes and chicken. We had it with lots of creamy mash- mmm.

2) Cambridge. This weekend was spent in Cambridge with all of my Uni friends- most of our Uni reunions are in Leeds but this time we visited my friend Soph in Cambridge. It was such a great weekend and we enjoyed an amazing curry on the Saturday night.

3) The Uni girls. We literally spent all weekend chatting- the TV was not on once! I love that we make the effort to keep seeing each other and whenever we do, nothing has ever changed.

4) Snow! In case you missed it (haha) it snowed on Saturday night. We got caught in the blizzard on the way home and it was hugely entertaining as we clung onto each other and fell off the curb as we couldn't see where it was. The walk in the snow the next morning was less dramatic but lovely.

5) Lana Del Rey. Loving Born to Die!

What are your 5 good things this week? Let me know if you do this too!
4 comments on "Monday Summary 002"
  1. that chicken looks delicious! I have that with my uni friends too, it doesn't matter how long we havn't spoken/seen each other for as soon as we get back together its asif we'd never been apart! :) xx

  2. That dinner looks so good! I'm a pesto lover so will deffo be trying this! Thanks for sharing the recipe! :) x

  3. I made that very same recipe last week, except mine was with green pesto! Definitely one of my faves. I'm also loving Lana Del Rey, though she's causing debates in my group of friends as they think she's boring! I think not. As for snow...I think we were the only place in the country not to get any :( Boo! x

  4. hmm that food looks delicious, i am so hungry now!


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