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Monday Summary 003

February 13, 2012
My sister Jess, bowling at the weekend 

Here are my 5 good things at the moment:

1) Pretending to be a student again. On Friday my brother and I took the train to Norwich to visit my sister who goes to Uni there. It was great pretending to be a student again. Had a great night out on Friday and loved the student priced drinks and then we went bowling on Saturday night after a day of chilling and film watching.

2) Norwich. It's such a lovely city- I really like it. Not too big and not too small with lots of nice restaurants and shops.

3) Mean Girls. We watched this film at the weekend and I tweeted that it was a film I can watch over and over- it seems that you all agree! My twitter is @cherrydelights if you fancy following me.

4) Getting lighter in the evenings. Only ever so slightly but I am clutching onto it not being so dark at half 4! Bring on lovely spring time.

5) Bowling. As I mentioned we went bowling at the weekend with Jess (my sister) and her housemates. I actually did OK and even got a strike- whoop! I think my practising on the Wii has translated onto the real game. I really like bowling- is something different to do in the evening!

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  1. Sounds like you had a fab time in Norwich ! I am there at the moment, can you recommend and good places to eat or fab vintage shops ?x

    1. Ahh so sorry I've only just got round to replying! Are you still in Norwich? Sadly I don't know any vintage shops there as have just stuck to the main shopping centre and to the usual Topshop, Zara shops.

    2. That posted before I'd finished! There are the usual chain restaurants but my sister always goes on about a waffle house which is meant to be really good xx


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