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My little bag...within my bag

March 24, 2012
Before I saw this little idea in Fleur's 'What's in my bag' YouTube video it was a nightmare having to find something in my bag. It is still a bit of a nightmare as I love big bags and consequently fill them with bits and bobs that I really don't need to be carrying around with me- however this little trick has made my bag searching a lot easier.

I have used this little zip up bag that I bought from Primark to house all of the random bits and pieces that I keep in my bag and that I use on a regular basis. It keeps them all in one place and if I have a headache and need some painkillers I know exactly where they are.

In my little bag I keep:

♥ Compeed blister plasters ♥ Carex Antibacterial Hand Gel ♥ Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer ♥ Co-codamol ♥ Boots 17 Lipstick in Beehive ♥ WHSmith Pen ♥ Alka-Seltzer

8 comments on "My little bag...within my bag"
  1. Great makeup bag, I love being nosey and seeing what people keep in theirs, I have only just created a twitter account (I know where have I been!?) and am following you xxx

  2. That is such a good idea I have a friend who has always done that which made me want to organize my bag with little bags inside as well! working on it at the moment :)

  3. I have the exact same thing - a little bag for paracetamol, tissues, hair ties - within my handbag. So much easier! x

  4. I have the same bag :) It's so handy for keeping my make-up in my handbag during the day!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  5. these little bags in bigger bags are life-savers!!

    luv filling in mine with the most random stuff :)

  6. haha i have this. i call it my girly bag. its got motrin and other "things", tide sticks, allergy pills and so much more. at work, everyone always comes to me for something because i usually have it LOL

  7. This is such a good idea! I am forever scrabbling around in my bag for a plaster, paracetamol (or dummy!) but then realising I've left it in my other handbag... doh. It'd be great to have them in one little pouch together xx

  8. I really should do this! My bag is a big giant mess, I can never find anything xxx


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