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Parrot Print Scarf

March 17, 2012

Every week I eagerly await Victoria's Designer Inspired Posts- she tracks down designer inspired items on Ebay, most of which have been requested by readers through formspring. I spotted this Parrot Print Scarf in the 32nd post in the series and knew I had to have it. I am a sucker for a scarf. My clothes tend to be quite 'safe' and I usually stick to neutrals so love how a scarf can add colour and vibrancy to an outfit.

I bought this from the eBay shop that Victoria linked to in her post and you can find the scarf here. It only costs £10.72 and I am already eying up the other colours.
8 comments on "Parrot Print Scarf"
  1. That scarf is absolutely gorgeous! Definitely checking out Victoria's blog too

  2. had been really tempted in getting it, since Victoria did her post....after seeing yours...i will proabably end up getting it !!

    it looks gorgeous!!

  3. That's a gorgeous scarf, I love the print and colours!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  4. Looks lovely, I love the colours, so gorgeous for Spring! xx

  5. So gorgeous, the colours are amazing xx

  6. Lovely print, and the colour is so summery!

    Sophie x

  7. Gorgeous scarf - i love those posts on Victoria's blog; they're bad for my bank balance though! hah, lovely blog :) xo


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