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Take a Step in 2012 for Fairtrade

March 09, 2012

In case you weren't aware- it is currently Fairtrade Fortnight. A chance to get involved and show your support for Fairtrade products. I work for an amazing charity who have a lot to do with Fairtrade products and we've been lucky enough to have events in the office over the 2 weeks. We've had a Great Fairtrade Bake Off where you had to bake using at least one Fairtrade ingredient, and have also had a Fairtrade Market where all kinds of different products were available to buy- all delicious.

The Fairtrade Foundation have launched their 'Take a Step' for Fairtrade campaign. Every step that is registered on their website counts towards their total of 1.5 million steps that they're hoping to achieve by the end of 2012. Your step can be as little as buying a fairtrade product, telling your friends about it on Facebook or even buying a L'Occitane product from their shea butter range and reading their story- they all count because they are all helping life-changing projects in developing countries.

Whilst I was researching all about Fairtrade I found some interesting facts from their website...
  • Three of the top chocolate brands in the UK are now Fairtrade. Look out for Kit Kats and Cadbury Dairy Milk bars with the FAIRTRADE Mark and from next summer, Maltesers too!
  • 19 million glasses of Fairtrade wine were enjoyed in the UK in 2010. You can buy Fairtrade wines in most major retailers and selected wine merchants. Or savour a glass in one of 137 Marston’s pubs across the UK.
  • Three out of 10 bananas sold in the UK are Fairtrade. All bananas in Sainsbury’s are Fairtrade – they sell 1,200 Fairtrade bananas a minute adding up to a whopping 650 million a year.
Let me know if you 'Take a Step' for Fairtrade!

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