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Introducing New Vaseline Toilet Roll

April 01, 2012
EDIT: April Fool!

Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly (an essential for everyone!) has been a long-standing favourite to help soothe and protect skin among families for generations. And now, the brand are about to enhance the daily 'bog standard' bathroom routine with the launch of an exciting new product offering- Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly enriched Toilet Roll.

Each sheet is enriched with 100% Vaseline to work naturally with skin to help it rebuild moisture and renew itself. As Vaseline say 'with every visit to the powder room you can guarantee that your bottom is also kept in tiptop condition and left feeling smooth from cheek to cheek'.

The new toilet roll will be in all supermarkets from early April and will cost £1.99 for the 2 pack pictured above.

I am looking forward to trying the sample I've been sent although I wouldn't expect a full on review! Will you be buying this new product from Vaseline?

8 comments on "Introducing New Vaseline Toilet Roll"
  1. I smell april bull from vaseline again ;) x

  2. ^ That's what I was thinking! x

  3. Hahaa! :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @FCassandraBlog

  4. lol

  5. APRIL FOOLS! hah, just found your blog, love it! :) xo

  6. That was HIGHlarious haha. Good one.



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