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St Ives

April 28, 2012

Last weekend I went away to St Ives with four friends that I used to work with- we all went to Dublin together 2 years ago (see my post here) and decided that as my lovely friend Jess (hi!) has a holiday cottage in St Ives so it made sense to make the most of it and have a few days there. The third picture down shows the amazing view from the cottage.

I've never been to St Ives before and was so impressed with it. It's such a gorgeous place with three beaches surrounding it and the most beautiful coloured sea- just like the Mediterranean! We were very lucky with the weather and spent lots of time eating good food, chilling in the cottage, going on walks and admiring the beach. We also did a night walk which was super fun, if a bit eerie!

I thought I'd share a few photos as it's nice to include a bit of life stuff in my posts. Have you been to St Ives before? If you haven't I highly recommend it as a lovely place to spend a few days.

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  1. I went to St Ives a few times in my teens with my family - I LOVE it, all the little shops and cafes are so cute. I want to go back there sometime.

  2. I live in Cornwall!! St Ives is most definitely one of my favourite seaside towns. You were so lucky to get good weather, it makes such a difference when the sun is shining xx

    1. Ahh so jealous you live in Cornwall! An amazing place to live :) xx

  3. wow that literally like the Mediterranean!

    Thought the photos where taken in Malta coz its really similar!!

  4. I love St Ives! I went to uni in Devon so it wasn't too far :) The sea always looks so pretty, feels like you could be abroad when you're there!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  5. Adore St Ives it's a second home to me & the cottage you stayed in from the view looks very much like it could have been near the one i stayed in last year

  6. let me catch the next plane there!

  7. I love St Ives! I love Cornwall altogether, such a beautiful place. I once got the worst sunstroke ever though in St Ives one summer... Ahhhh I need to take a trip down south soon! xo

  8. Haha this is so weird! As you'll probably remember, Jess is my cousin and I've been going on holiday to this cottage since I was a kid! Lovely to see it after a few years :) The pictures are gorgeous, St Ives is lush xx

  9. I had totally forgotten that! That is so funny! I know Jess reads my blog so she will probably read this too :) you're so lucky to have that cottage- its amazing xx

  10. Aaaaaahhh you guys, slow to spot this but so weird and nice you know each other! Beautiful pics Dais! Xxx


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