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100 Things: 81-90

May 29, 2012
I am on the penultimate post in my '100 things that make me happy' series! It actually makes me a little sad that I am nearing the end as I adore putting these posts together and finding the lovely pictures to accompany each 'Thing'. Anywho, here is the next post in the series.

81. Someone playing with my hair

82. Kisses

83. Grey's Anatomy

84. My iPad

85. Blogging

86. An unexpected work bonus

87. Opening a new beauty product

88. Fantasizing about winning the lottery

89. Orange Wednesday

90. Enchiladas

3 comments on "100 Things: 81-90"
  1. This is such a cute idea! I'm going to have to go back through your old posts and read all the others :) xxx

  2. I really love some of the stuff on your 100 things list! Especially the enchiladas haha, I think you've just inspired my dinner for tomorrow night! xoxox


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