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Pandora bracelet

May 12, 2012

I've finally jumped on the Pandora bandwagon and have my very own bracelet. My parents bought me a starter set which came with two clips and the Sterling Silver Heart Open Work Charm. On Saturday when I was shopping I was bought my second charm to add to the bracelet - Sterling Silver Sea Shell Charm. My parents said I could choose one and this caught my eye straightaway- as we have had many beach and camping holidays I thought this was very appropriate as a family charm. 

The Pandora website has a great feature called the Bracelet Designer where you can create your bracelet and then choose different charms to add- really helpful for deciding which charm you want to purchase next as it can be a bit overwhelming in the shop with so many to choose from! I am going to keep my charms mainly silver and add some with a touch of blue in. If you have a Pandora bracelet do you keep to a colour scheme? How many charms do you own?

I am in love with my Pandora. I have always enjoyed charm bracelets but found that I rarely wore them as they would clink on my keyboard at work or catch on clothing. This is perfect for embodying what a charm bracelet represents whilst also being easy to wear. 
7 comments on "Pandora bracelet"
  1. I just recently got a Pandora too :) I went for a leather bracelet and an owl and best friends charm, then my parents bought me a silver daisy as a surprise!

  2. I did a post on my blog about my Pandora bracelet a few posts back:
    I'm keeping mine all silver I think! xxx

  3. I love yours and I love the sentiment behind it :) I find jewelry is that much more special when it has a deeper meaning to you!
    I really really want one too I browse their website all the time hehe

  4. My sister has one and she loves it! Sooo tempted!

  5. I looove Pandora bracelets, your is gorgeous

  6. I love Pandora, very special :o) xx

  7. Oh Daisy, I got my hearts too, I am going to do a blog post one evening this week :o) so I will pop a link to your blog on it xxxx


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