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A Selection of Shades

June 03, 2012


The weather in the UK has been beautiful recently and has made me all excited for summer. It has taken a turn for the worse over the last few days but I'm hoping this is just a blip (unlikely but humour me!) and that summer will be back in full force soon.

SmartBuyGlasses UK is a fantastic website which sells a huge range of Designer Sunglasses (aswell as normal Designer Glasses, Contact Lenses, Prescription Lenses and Sports Sunglasses). They offer over 100 designer labels to choose from and pride themselves on having unbeatable prices. My favourite feature has to be their 3D TryON service where you can upload a photo of yourself and see what you'd look like wearing your chosen pair (just a note- this isn't available on all sunglasses).

I decided to look through the site and put together a gallery of some of my favourite pairs. From top left-clockwise these are:

♥ Prada PR01OS £128 - Prada Sunglasses
♥ Jimmy Choo Kelli Strass £186.95 - Jimmy Choo Sunglasses
♥ Ray Ban RB3044 Aviator £85.95 - Ray Ban Sunglasses
♥ Gucci GG 3157/S £105.95 - Gucci Sunglasses
♥  D&G DD8075 £77.95 - D&G Sunglasses

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1 comment on "A Selection of Shades"
  1. I'm dying to get a pair of Ray Ban aviators, I love them! My cheap eBay look-a-likes will have to do for now though haha!

    Frances xx


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