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Glamour August Issue- Balance Me Skincare freebies

July 05, 2012

Glamour Magazine have followed up their brilliant Benefit freebie issue with another set of great products to try from Balance Me Skincare.

You can choose from 4 Balance Me Skincare freebies:

Balancing face moisturiser - worth £11
♥ Wonder eye cream - worth £11
♥ Pure skin face wash - worth £11
♥ Rose Otto Intensive lip salve - worth £12

I subscribe to Glamour and so received the Wonder eye cream with my magazine. I've been using it for a few days and although I'm yet to see any real effects it feels lovely to apply and I adore the packaging. I'm going to look out for the face wash and the lip salve as would like to try both of them. 

Which product will you be choosing if you buy the magazine?

2 comments on "Glamour August Issue- Balance Me Skincare freebies"
  1. I got the eye cream too and I quite like it - though not sure I would re-purchase at over a tenner! It def makes my skin feel a bit tighter under the eyes so it's good to feel that it's having some effect.


  2. I picked up the Eye Cream & the Lip Salve. Only tried the Lip Salve so far & love it. So moisturising. There are so many great freebies in mags this month.


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