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L'Oreal Paris Summer Styling Event

July 24, 2012

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to view the latest hair styling products from L'Oreal Paris, and was also treated to having my hair styled using some of the products. I chose to have glamorous waves and loved having a hairstyle that I could never achieve myself for a few hours!

But onto the most exciting part- the products! L'Oreal Paris have some great new collections and products out for the summer. Here is a quick rundown on the products I was introduced to:

Elnett Satin Lumiere

This is the hairspray that we all know and love, with some added zing. Described as an illuminating hairspray, it has an anti-dullness action and light micro-reflectors to give hair a magic glow. The Elnett Satin Lumiere has an RRP of £3.56

Extraordinary Oils

L'Oreal have introduced two new hair oils to their range which have a blend of six precious flower oil extracts (including one called Dog Daisy Oil which interested me!). One is designed for coloured hair and the other for all hair types. I have been trying the version for all hair types and have been applying before I wash my hair to give it a moisture boost- so far I am really pleased with the results and it's left my hair really silky. 

There are so many ways that you can use this hair oil (and other hair oils too!) from applying pre-shampoo, to putting in your hair before going to bed and rinsing in the morning to applying after blow-drying and using as more of a serum. Just remember to use it in small amounts and add more as you need it. Both RRP for £9.99

Hair Expertise Serums

I posted about the Hair Expertise products a while ago, and there are two additions to the collection. The first is the EverSleek Smoothing Anti-Frizz Serum which is designed for frizzy, overworked hair and the second is the EverPure Colour Care Shine Serum which is for coloured and frizzy hair. As with the rest of the range, these are non-sulphate products.

Studio Line Matt & Messy 

The new products in the Studio Line are more unisex and include a Shine-Free Salt Spray, Shine-Free Fibre Paste and Shine-Free Sponge Putty. L'Oreal claim that these products deliver a shine-free, natural texture to any look whilst leaving hair with a unique matt finish. I love shine in my hair (unless it's a greasy shine- no no) so don't think these are the products for me but the boys (my boyf and flatmate) have been giving them a whirl and seem to be enjoying! Each product has an RRP of £3.56.

Elvive 60 Second Saviours

There are three 60 Second Saviours to choose from in their new collection. These claim to deliver the power of an intensive treatment in just 60 seconds to transform the fibres of hair damaged by sun, sea and sand. There is the Elvive Nutri-Gloss Crystal (which I featured in this post) and is amazing because it sparkles, then there is the Elvive Colour Protect, obviously for coloured hair to protect colour intensity and finally there is the Elvive Triple Resist which works to really restore the hair and to make it feel strong and nourished. Each 60 Second Saviour has an RRP of £4.99.

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  1. This all sounds so exciting! Haven't seen it in stores here yet but will be so excited to have a look when I do! Thanks for the post x

  2. Ooh love the look of Elnett Satin Lumiere - i do love a whiff of this stuff! and i never thought to use oils pre-shampoo?? xxx

  3. The satin lumiere spray sounds lovely!


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