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Review: NATorigin hypoallergenic Lengthening Mascara

September 15, 2012


NATorigin hypoallergenic Lengthening Mascara*



What does it claim to do?

"For strong, long, fluttery eyelashes, NATorigin Lengthening Mascara is a high performance mascara with a hypoallergenic formula for use on even the most sensitive eyes. The hypoallergenic formulas in all of NATorigin’s products are so safe that it is the only cosmetic and skincare range to be approved by Allergy UK.

Incorporating 98.5% natural ingredients, NATorigin Lengthening Mascara has been specifically designed to strengthen and lengthen eyelashes. It is rich in arctic raspberry seed oil, essential fatty acids, red algae extract, shea butter and jojoba oil to care and condition the lashes." - NATorigin

What do I think?

I was pleasantly surprised by this NATorigin mascara. I didn't have high hopes and expected it to be like the Liz Earle offering which I wasn't a fan of (it's the word natural!) but infact it did a good job. As you can see in the photo (check out my contact lenses in there too!) it added length and seperation- there wasn't as much volume as I usually like but it's great for more of an understated daytime look.

I really like how it has been designed to strengthen and lengthen lashes- a product that does something as well as making your lashes look good is a real plus! Whether it has actually strengthened my lashes- it is yet to be decided.

Overall I really like this mascara and although I can't comment on how it works for sensitive eyes, I would 100% recommend it if you find that mascara irritates your eyes and you want to try a more 'friendly' one.

Would I re-purchase?

There are mascaras out there that are more 'wow' so in all honesty I probably wouldn't- however if I had sensitive eyes and needed a mascara this would be on my list!
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