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Lush goodies

October 30, 2012

 From top to bottom -  Golden Wonder, Party Popper, The Enchanter

I haven't been to Lush in ages and after seeing lots of their new Christmas range items popping up on blogs and YouTube I decided that it was time to pay them a visit. I could have bought everything in the shop but was very restrained and came out with three bath bombs (all of which were the store's best-sellers that day according to the sales assistant). Here are my purchases with their handy description from the Lush website.

Golden Wonder - "This ballistic is like a pass the parcel gift – each layer has something different to offer. This is not for a quick bath because it takes its time, this ballistic, its wonders to unfold. First take some time to shake it, listen to the little rattle from within and try to imagine what’s in there. Then drop it in your water and gaze in wonderment as gold turns to yellow, turns to blue and spits out soluble stars along the way. £3.25"
Party Popper - "Drop a Party Popper cone in your bath and watch it spin into action, as it goes on a spree across your bath spreading colours, fragrance, popping candy and soap confetti.  Softening your bathwater, fragrancing your skin and washing you clean. £2.95"

The Enchanter - "To cast a magical spell of colour and fragrance over your bathroom, simply drop The Enchanter in the tub. This layered ballistic changes colour as it fizzes, swirling in haze of orange and pink and releasing its sunny lime and neroli fragrance."

I am most excited to try the Golden Wonder as it just sounds amazing! When I was in Lush they had just done a demonstration of this bath bomb and so I could see the colour of the water at the end of it's fizzing journey- it looked all magical and lovely. Have you tried any of these bath bombs? What are you loving from Lush at the moment?
2 comments on "Lush goodies"
  1. Party Popper sounds fun. I have been looking for LUSH inspiration - I need to pick up some new things & think I will get the Party Popper.
    I used So White for the first time tonight & that was really nice. Left my skin feeing so soft & it smelt really nice too.

  2. I used my first LUSH product tonight and loved it, so going to try some of these out! x


Thank you for the comment! x