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New Neom Tranquility Bath Foam

October 06, 2012

On the 8th September, Neom launched a really exciting new product- their Tranquility Bath Foam*. Their Bath Foam aims to provide a gorgeous bubbly bath without the use of harsh foaming ingredients. Their latest product has been two years in the making as Neom struggled to create a bubble bath which made bubbles without using SLS to make them foam. Luckily they found the answer and discovered that a blend of coconut oil and vegetable oils manufactured in a different way created a natural foam!

Created using 74% organic ingredients and 26% natural ingredients, the Neom bath foam is scented with a calming blend of English lavender, fresh basil and pretty jasmine. It smells gorgeous and is just what you want for a relaxing bath.

Since receiving this I have been using it in every bath and it is such a treat. I would definitely describe the bubbles as foam (although I've seen other bloggers' photos with a bath full of proper bubbles after using it) and although they don't last as long as normal bubbles (not helped by the hard water in London) it provides such a relaxing bath experience. It's making me feel sleepy and relaxed just writing about it! 

It is a pricy bath product at £20 for 200ml but would make a great present and if you prefer to use SLS-free products it is a must-have. You can buy it from
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