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September Favourites: My Top Three

October 03, 2012
 ♥ Schwarzkopf got2b Heat Protection Spray - I had been neglecting my hair by not using a heat protector and so went to Boots last month to get one. The got2b offering was on offer (always a bonus) and I am very pleased it was as this is a great heat protection spray. As well as looking awesome, it smells delicious and covers hair evenly without leaving it sticky.

 ♥ L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza - I have had this gel eyeliner for ages but have been favouring my L'Oreal liquid liners and more recently the NATorigin pencil liner. A few weeks ago I came across this in my draw and decide to use it for a change- since then this is all I have been wearing. It is so easy to apply with a thin eyeliner brush and gives such a good black line. The formula is really silky and it hasn't dried out at all which is really impressive considering how quickly others (ahem, MAC fluidline) dry up.

♥ Liz Earle Signature Foundation - I couldn't write my favourites without including this little gem. This new foundation is my most loved at the moment and I have been wearing it every day without fail. You can read my full review here.

3 comments on "September Favourites: My Top Three"
  1. I've just bought the Heat Spray - mine was £2.99 from Savers which was a bargain! Am really liking it too!

    Rachel from x

  2. I really like this heat protectant and I prefer it over the one from ghd which leaves my hair feeling somewhat sticky and stiff.

  3. I love that heat protectant, it smells amazing! X


Thank you for the comment! x