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Student Living: How To Shop On A Budget

October 28, 2012
My three years at Leeds University were fantastic. I loved every second of it and am still great friends with most of the people that I lived with. I would recommend it to anyone! Primark was my best friend for clothes whilst I was at Uni but these days there is so much you can buy for a reasonable price. Here are some tips for how to shop on a budget whilst you're at Uni and don't have lots of pennies to spend (and even if you're not a student and want to be careful with your money- I am always looking for tips on saving cash!).

Student Living: How To Shop On A Budget

University is back in full swing, which means student loans across the country are depleting by the second. The life of a student is all about character development: surviving on the cheapest of cuts, inhabiting the houses nobody else would touch and drinking at the bars that the health inspector gave up on decades ago.

Yet, for many of us, these were the best years of our lives. We hear much about the skill required for cooking a healthy meal on the lowest of incomes but what about the art of looking our best when shopping on a budget?

Student life might be about learning but it’s also about meeting new people and often finding love. With this in mind, here’s a guide to finding affordable, stylish and cool attire – without skipping out on this month’s rent payment.

1. Think how many wears an item will get

You might be admiring that gorgeous party frock, but you need to think about the big picture. A good rule of thumb is to make yourself think realistically about how many wears an item will get in relation to its cost.

If it will be out of the wardrobe every second night, then by all means buy it. But if it’s going to be a one hit wonder, then it might be best to wait until you’re earning from that summer job again.

2. Find items you can wear in different situations

Buying items that are wearable in a range of different situations makes for a great investment. This includes things like skinny jeans – which are perfect for anything from club nights, lectures or even lunch with the parents. Also, if you know you’re going to wear them to death, you can afford to purchase a higher quality make, as it is much more likely to last the distance.

3. Don’t be afraid of the second hand stalls

Call it vintage if it makes you feel better, but the life of a student means embracing second hand clothing. And really, why not? You can find everything from a one-of-a-kind frock design, through to all of your basic knits and cardigans at a fraction of the usual high street cost.

4. Embrace the sales racks

Remember, you’re going to be at university for at least three years. That means three summers, winters and everything that comes in between. Purchasing a super discounted winter coat at the beginning of summer from the sales rack is a great investment purchase for the following winter.

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  1. my tips, which is really bad, is to buy, wear and return. Literally everyone did this at my uni and that's how we managed to stay stylish but saving pennies at the same time =)


  2. Oo I'll have to link this at my budgeting blog The Beauty Hack- all about saving pennies, and time, and offers. I love posts like this. We did a clothes swap party- lots of fun :) xx

  3. a very useful post, im not a student anymore but I still need the budgeting tips!

  4. Thanks for your grateful informations, this blogs will be really help for students loan.


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