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Jergens Original Body Lotion

November 05, 2012

Jergens Original Beauty Lotion Cherry-Almond Body Moisturiser (longest name ever?) has finally arrived in the UK. This lotion is famed for it's cult cherry-almond inspired fragrance and is now available to buy for £3.49.

The body moisturiser is a new formulation for the UK market and it claims to give dry, dehydrated skin the thirst quench it needs. I gobbled up (not literally ate, obvs) the Ultra Healing body moisturiser as it made my skin feel so moisturised and sunk in within seconds. This offering has exactly the same qualities with the bonus of having a gorgeous cherry-almond scent. I worried that it would be an overpowering scent but not at all. 

Jergens are also running a promotion where Facebook fans can win a collection of great prizes. Jergens will be giving one lucky winner the chance to win a designer handbag, a designer scarf, a pair of designer shoes and the complete range of Jergens moisturisers including the Original Beauty Lotion. Simply click the link here for more info and to enter.
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  1. The body wash is easy to spread across the body but when used with a shower pouf it is even easier to work up to a thick and lather, while it leaves my skin feeling nice and clean.


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