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Louise Thompson Collection

November 24, 2012
Louise Thompson

It's no secret that I absolutely love Made in Chelsea (see my post on Caggie and Millie here) and think series three has been brilliant so far- so much drama in every episode! I was really interested when I heard that Louise had launched her own collection on the Goddiva website (after googling it further I discovered it was actually her second collection). The collection includes lots of dresses, sequins and a few jackets thrown in there too. I'm not sure if I would actually buy from the collection- there's nothing I am in love with although this embellished top is quite cute. 

Would you buy anything from this range? More importantly, are you a MIC fan?!

5 comments on "Louise Thompson Collection"
  1. Love MIC, hate Louise lol.

    Quite like the black dress at the bottom though :)

  2. I love MIC. My two male colleagues who are 30 and 43 love it too, every Tuesday morning they come in and ask me if I saw the previous night's episode, and if I've missed it they re-enact the best scenes! This week's 'why is everyone up in my grill?' re-enactment was especially hilarious!

    1. Haha excellent. The grill line was a classic!! X

  3. I love MIC, had no idea she had a dress line. Have you seen her jeans line too?

  4. I hadn't heard of this collection but I'm off to have a look now- the maxi dress in that picture is gorgeous!

    Frances xx


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