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November 03, 2012

After doing so well with stopping my nail biting habit it all fell apart after every nail started to break and I had a stressful week at work. I get my nails to a good length and then they all just break- it's very frustrating.

This weekend I was in Meadowhall in Sheffield and decided to get some good nail products in the 3 for 2 offer in Boots, in the hope of giving my nails some TLC and helping to make them stronger. These are the products that join me in my mission...

♥  Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover - you apply a thin layer of this gel around your cuticle and wait 1-2 minutes (no more than 10) before using the pusher tip to loosen and push back the cuticle. You then wash off the excess with warm water and voila- cuticles should be sorted!

♥  Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Nail Hardener- there were so many Sally Hansen nail products to choose from but I settled on the diamond strength. It's for nails that won't grow without breaking so pretty perfect really. I am going to try using it as a 7 day treatment as outlined on the Sally Hansen website.

♥  Mavala Nail Hardener - this isn't a new product but wanted to include it anyway. You can read my post from 2010 raving about it here (look how excited I am about thinking I'd stopping biting my nails- sigh).
♥  Save The Nail 45 Second Coat - I haven't come across this brand before but I liked the packaging (oh so shallow) and have wanted a product that helps to dry nails quickly. This claims to do that so thought I'd give it a whirl.

Any other tips on helping nails to get stronger would be much appreciated!
4 comments on "Nail SOS"
  1. I've tried sally hansen nail strengthening products before and they didn't work for me. my nails used to be very brittle and would break all the time. I started using Nail Envy by OPI and this stuff works so so well! my nails grow long and are so strong I am in love! and also I would recommend that you don't remove your cuticles as that weakens nails. just push them back :) hope that is helpful!

  2. I really want to try the Sally Hansen diamond strength, my nails need all the help they can get right now!

    Jennie xo |

  3. Great post. I absolutely hate Sally Hansen, her products don't work on me. I swear by the Renunail

  4. I love the Sally Hansen gel cuticle remover! I find the other nail products a bit hit and miss for me though
    Daniella x


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