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Not on the high street - personalised gifts

November 13, 2012

Not on the high street

♥ Leather Bound Notebook (link) ♥ Initials Phone Cover (link♥ Enamel Storage Tin (linkHeart Chalkboard (link Christmas Sack (link) ♥ You're The Best Apron (link)

Discovering Not On The High Street was a revelation- it is my favourite website at the moment, especially with Christmas being less than two months away (hooray!). I had heard it mentioned before (my friend is getting married and it's great for wedding stuff) but had never investigated properly. I'm so glad I did as it's just got so many lovely things! I especially like all of their personalised goodies and so thought I'd share some of my favourites. I LOVE the personalised Santa sack!

I may do similar posts with gift ideas for different people so let me know if you'd be interested in seeing these!
5 comments on "Not on the high street - personalised gifts"
  1. I find it way out of my price range but they do have some gorgeous things on there!

    I like dotcom giftshop its more affordable & has some cute things

  2. I love not on the high street, so many lovely things! x

  3. Gorgeous items! I hadn't heard of this site before, but am loving it now. Great gift ideas!

    Mal @ The Chic Geek

  4. I love Not On The High Street :) Personalised gifts always add that extra little something I think!

  5. Such cute things! I think i will be making my own versions though :D


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