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100 Things: 81-90

December 19, 2012
I am almost finished with my 100 things that make me happy series (probably about 3 years later- it has taken me some time!) and as it is almost Christmas I thought I'd theme this one to fit the festive period. Christmas makes me so happy- today in work we all sang Christmas carols with mulled wine in our hands and it was so much fun. I hope the next two days at work go quickly so the real festivities can begin!

All credit to Sofia's Journal for the 100 Things idea.

81. Giving gifts

 82. Decorating the Christmas Tree

83. Christmas carols

84. Christmas lights

85. Snuggly winter clothes

86. Christmas dinner

87. Christmas parties

88. Elf!

 89. Beautifully wrapped presents

90. Looking forward to a new year

1 comment on "100 Things: 81-90"
  1. Love this post. So festive :)

    Gillian x


Thank you for the comment! x