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November Favourites: My Top Three

December 01, 2012
♥ Original Source Orange & Cinnamon Shower Gel - I absolutely adore Original Source shower gels- they are cheap but have the best, strongest smelling scents. I love their lime shower gel as it feels like you are washing in lime starburst sweets! Yum. Whilst I love the more refreshing scents, the Orange & Cinnamon is a winner for the winter months and it has been used up very quickly in the flat.

 ♥Lotion Yon-Ka - in November I have been loving this toner from Yon-Ka. It is a really refresing spritz which can be used after cleansing, as a make-up touch up or as a refreshing boost. I have also enjoyed using it after applying my make-up to help it 'settle'. I am a big fan of spritz toners- I can get lazy with the toning step and often don't do it but a spritzer is such little effort that I find myself always reaching for it.

Timotei Golden Highlights Shampoo and Conditioner - this has definitely been my favourite set of hair products from November. I've had fantastic results on my highlights since using them and you can read my glowing review here.
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  1. The orange & cinnamon is my favourite shower gel ever (apart from maybe Snow Fairy!) - I've got a whole stash lined up just in case it sold out!xx

  2. I NEED to try that Original Source!



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