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October 30, 2012

 From top to bottom -  Golden Wonder, Party Popper, The Enchanter

I haven't been to Lush in ages and after seeing lots of their new Christmas range items popping up on blogs and YouTube I decided that it was time to pay them a visit. I could have bought everything in the shop but was very restrained and came out with three bath bombs (all of which were the store's best-sellers that day according to the sales assistant). Here are my purchases with their handy description from the Lush website.

Golden Wonder - "This ballistic is like a pass the parcel gift – each layer has something different to offer. This is not for a quick bath because it takes its time, this ballistic, its wonders to unfold. First take some time to shake it, listen to the little rattle from within and try to imagine what’s in there. Then drop it in your water and gaze in wonderment as gold turns to yellow, turns to blue and spits out soluble stars along the way. £3.25"
Party Popper - "Drop a Party Popper cone in your bath and watch it spin into action, as it goes on a spree across your bath spreading colours, fragrance, popping candy and soap confetti.  Softening your bathwater, fragrancing your skin and washing you clean. £2.95"

The Enchanter - "To cast a magical spell of colour and fragrance over your bathroom, simply drop The Enchanter in the tub. This layered ballistic changes colour as it fizzes, swirling in haze of orange and pink and releasing its sunny lime and neroli fragrance."

I am most excited to try the Golden Wonder as it just sounds amazing! When I was in Lush they had just done a demonstration of this bath bomb and so I could see the colour of the water at the end of it's fizzing journey- it looked all magical and lovely. Have you tried any of these bath bombs? What are you loving from Lush at the moment?

Student Living: How To Shop On A Budget

October 28, 2012
My three years at Leeds University were fantastic. I loved every second of it and am still great friends with most of the people that I lived with. I would recommend it to anyone! Primark was my best friend for clothes whilst I was at Uni but these days there is so much you can buy for a reasonable price. Here are some tips for how to shop on a budget whilst you're at Uni and don't have lots of pennies to spend (and even if you're not a student and want to be careful with your money- I am always looking for tips on saving cash!).

Student Living: How To Shop On A Budget

University is back in full swing, which means student loans across the country are depleting by the second. The life of a student is all about character development: surviving on the cheapest of cuts, inhabiting the houses nobody else would touch and drinking at the bars that the health inspector gave up on decades ago.

Yet, for many of us, these were the best years of our lives. We hear much about the skill required for cooking a healthy meal on the lowest of incomes but what about the art of looking our best when shopping on a budget?

Student life might be about learning but it’s also about meeting new people and often finding love. With this in mind, here’s a guide to finding affordable, stylish and cool attire – without skipping out on this month’s rent payment.

1. Think how many wears an item will get

You might be admiring that gorgeous party frock, but you need to think about the big picture. A good rule of thumb is to make yourself think realistically about how many wears an item will get in relation to its cost.

If it will be out of the wardrobe every second night, then by all means buy it. But if it’s going to be a one hit wonder, then it might be best to wait until you’re earning from that summer job again.

2. Find items you can wear in different situations

Buying items that are wearable in a range of different situations makes for a great investment. This includes things like skinny jeans – which are perfect for anything from club nights, lectures or even lunch with the parents. Also, if you know you’re going to wear them to death, you can afford to purchase a higher quality make, as it is much more likely to last the distance.

3. Don’t be afraid of the second hand stalls

Call it vintage if it makes you feel better, but the life of a student means embracing second hand clothing. And really, why not? You can find everything from a one-of-a-kind frock design, through to all of your basic knits and cardigans at a fraction of the usual high street cost.

4. Embrace the sales racks

Remember, you’re going to be at university for at least three years. That means three summers, winters and everything that comes in between. Purchasing a super discounted winter coat at the beginning of summer from the sales rack is a great investment purchase for the following winter.

*this is a guest post

Review: Maybelline Fit Me concealer

October 24, 2012

Maybelline FitMe concealer*



What does it claim to do?

"Concealer that goes beyond matching to fresh, breathing, natural skin." - Maybelline

What do I think?

I posted about receiving this concealer last month as part of a sneak preview of the Maybelline Fit Me range. Since it arrived I have been using it every day without fail - I really love it.

I would straightaway compare it to the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer which is a favourite of mine. It has basically the same packaging and the consistency is very similar. In my opinion the Fit Me concealer wins over the Collection 2000 one as it seems to have light reflecting particles in (or something special anyway!) that makes it perfect for using under my eyes as well as on blemishes. Previously I would use the Collection 2000 on blemishes and my YSL Touche Eclat under my eyes but this has replaced the two!

The negative of this concealer is that, like the Collection 2000 offering, the packaging is just a bit messy. When you screw the lid back on the product likes to escape out of it, and the black text on the tube has started coming off too (and often onto my hands!). 

Would I re-purchase?

Yes, I really like this!

iPhone 4 Covers under £5

October 21, 2012

♥ Aztec Tribal Pattern (link♥ Penguin Silicone (link♥ Cartoon Graffiti (link♥ Silicone Gil  (link♥ Polka Dot (link)

There are so many iPhone cases available on eBay and a huge amount are under £5. I am still completely in love with my spangly one and also bought another pink glittery case recently. I think I will be purchasing the Aztec pattern one pictured above as it's so cute! At such a bargain I might even be buying them all. 

What iPhone cover do you currently have?

Lush Fun

October 16, 2012
I have just been very excited about a new Lush product- as spied on Lipglossiping (check out her posts for a demonstration). Although I am yet to buy one I had to post about it!

Fun is a new invention from Lush which has 4 uses in 1- it is for body, for hair, for bath and for fun (hooray!). I'll let the copy from the Lush describe how you use it...

"Well, the first thing you will want to do with your Fun is get it out of its biodegradable wrapper and start having fun making it into models and shapes. There are so many ways to wash with Fun. For body and hair, just pinch off a small bit, hop in the shower or bath and lather from head to toe. Use as a bubble bath or to hand wash your clothes by crumbling a small chunk under the hot running tap. When you've finished having Fun, please store your bar back in its cellophane."

It is £5 and you can buy it in 5 different colours. I think it is aimed at kids but quite frankly I will be buying one and not sharing with any children.

Autumn Wishlist

October 14, 2012
Autumn wishlist
♥ Jack Wills Bramshaw Loungepant ♥ Barbour Classic Beadnell Jacket ♥ New Look Burgundy Crew Neck Jumper ♥ Diptyque Paris Figuier Candle Pied A Terre Pinksy Boot

It feels like Autumn has well and truly arrived. There is that familiar chill in the air, the warmer scarves are making an appearance and nights are getting darker. As soon as it gets to September and October I start thinking about the run up to winter (and dare I say it, Christmas) and getting all snuggly in my flat.

These are some of the items that I am currently lusting after. I really want some good quality black boots as my old pair from Faith are falling apart- if only I could afford this gorgeous pair from Pied a Terre. I would also love to get my hands on a classic Barbour jacket after trying my Mum's on last month- it fit perfectly and is such a timeless style. My Mum bought hers for a bargainous £60 at the Gun Wharf outlet in Portsmouth and so I will be paying Barbour a visit when I am next down there.

I had to include the Jack Wills loungepants (I feel so silly calling them that- they are pj bottoms!) as everyone need a really snuggly pair of pajama bottoms for Autumn. Hopefully they will be in the sale after Christmas so I can pick up some. Finally, I plan to stock up on some great winter jumpers like this burgundy one from New Look and Autumn just wouldn't be Autumn without some delicious smelling candles- the Diptyque Figuier is often raved about and I would love to give it a try.

Liz Earle New Botanical Fragrance No.15

October 13, 2012
This month, Liz Earle have released their second fragrance inspired by a myriad of scents and aromas from around the world. Fifteen precious botanicals (all pictured on the packaging which is a really lovely touch) have been carefully selected and handcrafted to created their Botanical Fragrance No.15.

Liz Earle describe the fragrance as a fresh spicy oriental scent and as being synonymous with feeling seductive and elegant. I have tried the first perfume from Liz Earle (read more here) and admit that I just wasn't a fan of the scent- it just didn't appeal to me. Saying that, my Mum adores it and likes to tell me regularly! 

The No.15 is again different to my usual perfumes of choice (Marc Jacobs Daisy; Miss Dior Cherie, DKNY Be Delicious) but I really love it. It is a perfect fragrance for Autumn/Winter as it is rich and reminds me slightly of Christmas festivities. I have Jean Paul Gaultier 'Classique' and I'd put them in the same category as being very elegant and great for times when you want to feel more grown up.

It is expensive at £45 for 50ml but if you like these sort of scents then definitely a worthy investment. You can read more and purchase on the Liz Earle website here.

New Neom Tranquility Bath Foam

October 06, 2012

On the 8th September, Neom launched a really exciting new product- their Tranquility Bath Foam*. Their Bath Foam aims to provide a gorgeous bubbly bath without the use of harsh foaming ingredients. Their latest product has been two years in the making as Neom struggled to create a bubble bath which made bubbles without using SLS to make them foam. Luckily they found the answer and discovered that a blend of coconut oil and vegetable oils manufactured in a different way created a natural foam!

Created using 74% organic ingredients and 26% natural ingredients, the Neom bath foam is scented with a calming blend of English lavender, fresh basil and pretty jasmine. It smells gorgeous and is just what you want for a relaxing bath.

Since receiving this I have been using it in every bath and it is such a treat. I would definitely describe the bubbles as foam (although I've seen other bloggers' photos with a bath full of proper bubbles after using it) and although they don't last as long as normal bubbles (not helped by the hard water in London) it provides such a relaxing bath experience. It's making me feel sleepy and relaxed just writing about it! 

It is a pricy bath product at £20 for 200ml but would make a great present and if you prefer to use SLS-free products it is a must-have. You can buy it from

September Favourites: My Top Three

October 03, 2012
 ♥ Schwarzkopf got2b Heat Protection Spray - I had been neglecting my hair by not using a heat protector and so went to Boots last month to get one. The got2b offering was on offer (always a bonus) and I am very pleased it was as this is a great heat protection spray. As well as looking awesome, it smells delicious and covers hair evenly without leaving it sticky.

 ♥ L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza - I have had this gel eyeliner for ages but have been favouring my L'Oreal liquid liners and more recently the NATorigin pencil liner. A few weeks ago I came across this in my draw and decide to use it for a change- since then this is all I have been wearing. It is so easy to apply with a thin eyeliner brush and gives such a good black line. The formula is really silky and it hasn't dried out at all which is really impressive considering how quickly others (ahem, MAC fluidline) dry up.

♥ Liz Earle Signature Foundation - I couldn't write my favourites without including this little gem. This new foundation is my most loved at the moment and I have been wearing it every day without fail. You can read my full review here.

September 2012 Summary

October 01, 2012

In September I...

♥ Went to see Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds at Wembley Arena. It was brilliant! Favourite songs were 'AKA...What a Life!', 'If I Had a Gun...' and all of the Oasis songs that he did. Everyone singing along to 'Don't Look Back in Anger' was amazing.

♥ Enjoyed a weekend of amazing weather in London. My workfriend and I went on the cable car 'Emirates Air Line' (my second time!) and relaxed by the tiny 'beach' in the Royal Docks. An ice cream was mandatory.

♥ Visited the V&A museum. It wasn't my favourite museum but it was still interesting and I loved seeing the Japanese Lolita outfits.

♥ Chris went on a single seater driving experience at Silverstone. It was his birthday present and the second time I've bought him a driving experience- he loved it!

♥ Watched the Paralympic Wheelchair Basketball finals. It was fantastic! Really great to go to one of the events and such a good atmosphere in the North Greenwich Arena.

♥ Said goodbye to the Olympics and Paralympics at the Athletes Parade. Highlight was having Tom Daley wave at us and then having a microphone thrust in my face for a BBC radio sound bite!