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Instagram - January

January 31, 2013
Chris and I last year// Have been enjoying Ben & Jerry's this month!// Dippy egg// Q&A a day journal// Charlie on his second birthday// Enchiladas for dinner (and a headless Chris)// Ready for a night out// Sprinkling of snow// Mum's banoffee pie

25 Random Facts About Me

January 29, 2013

I've seen a lot of YouTubers and bloggers doing the 50 Random Facts tag and so thought I would do my own with 25 Random Facts. I love reading these kind of posts as you get to know everyone that little bit better. So without further ado...

1. My Mum found my name in The Great Gatsby novel.

2. I live in Clapham.

3. I had two huge crushes when I was teen- Leonardo Di Caprio and Orlando Bloom.

4. Disneyworld, Florida is one of my favourite places in the world and am going back in April!

5. Pink is my favourite colour.

6. Chris and I have been together for 6 years- we met in our second year at Leeds University.

7. I used to be a magazine fiend and buy every glossy. Luckily (for my bank balance) I have calmed down with this addiction.

8. My favourite furry friend is my parents dog Charlie. He is a golden retriever and the best dog!

9. I used to work at Topshop as a sales assistant.

10. I am the eldest of three. My brother is called Olly and my sister is called Jess.

11. The Notebook is probably my favourite film.

12. And Ryan Gosling is definitely my number one at the moment.

13. Chris does most of the cooking for us as I would just eat pasta every day.

14. My favourite TV shows of the moment are Grey's Anatomy, Revenge and Girls. 

15. I have tried to play the piano and clarinet and didn't do too well.

16. My Dad is a designer and my Mum is a teacher.

17. I went to Leeds University and studied Communications.

18. My 'most listened to' playlist on Spotify is the Top 40. I like mainstream.

19. I can't sing but do quite well on Rock Band with the microphone. Strange!

20. Celebrity gossip would be my Mastermind topic.

21. Chocolate is my weakness.

22. I met my oldest friend, Jen when I was two and I pushed her over. 23 years later and we still see each other regularly.

23. I passed my driving test on my third time and it was the best feeling ever!

24. I sleep talk every night.

25. My favourite nights are staying in, getting cosy on the sofa and watching TV. I am getting old!

January Favourites: My Top Three

January 27, 2013
 ♥ O.P.I Done Out In Deco Nail Polish - there are a few reasons why this polish has made it into my January favourites. The most obvious reason being that the colour is beautiful; a kind of purple and grey combination that is perfect for this time of year. It also lasts on my nails for much longer than other nail polishes that I own and you only need one coat. Perfect!

♥ Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Nude - this is the first time that I have tried an eyeliner in nude. I would never have considered purchasing one but after seeing a few bloggers recommend this and demonstrate how much of a difference it makes to your eyes I decided to give it a go. The consistency is super creamy and glides onto your eyes so smoothly. I have been using this on my waterline and on the inner corners and have found that it makes my eyes look so much more awake, and opens them up.

♥ Swell Hair Advanced Root Nutrient Complex* - I have been using the Swell shampoo and conditioner fairly regularly but this hair product is the stand-out of the range for me. I have been using it just before I blowdry my hair and simply spray into the roots. I really notice a difference after using it and my hair looks so much more voluminous.

If you live to be one hundred...

January 20, 2013
When I was little, I used to read all of the Winnie the Pooh stories and poems. I loved the characters and illustrations and even made a visit to Pooh Corner one day. It is only now (since spending the morning on Pinterest) that I've realised how lovely the quotes from the stories are. Here are a few of my favourites to brighten up your Sunday. 

All image credits are on my Pinterest board.

Neom Real Luxury Organic Body Scrub

January 18, 2013
As soon as I heard that this was Neom's hero body care product I wanted to try it (a slight lie as I could happily try everything Neom ever make). The Neom Real Luxury Organic Body Scrub* is made with 97% certified organic ingredients- an organic sugar base is combined with the finest blend of oils including safflower and jojoba, whilst also having the added ingredient of vitamin E to give you lovely soft skin and a great moisture boost.

It also contains the pure essential oils of Neom's award-winning Real Luxury scent, which blends lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood to create a very spa-esque scent! As soon as I got the scrub out of the box I was amazed by how powerful the scent was- in a good way.

I have been trying the scrub and actually found that when using it, the scent wasn't as intense as it was when I'd just opened it. You are instructed to rub the scrub into your skin from your feet upwards, massaging in small circles.It felt like it was exfoliating without being too harsh which is a big positive for me with a body scrub., and you can use more if you want more of an intense treatment. After rinsing it off my skin felt super soft and was left with the oil gleaming on my skin- if you don't like being left with skin feeling a bit oily then you probably won't be a fan of this but I found it absorbed pretty quickly and just left me smelling nice and feeling moisturised. As with all Neom products, it is not the cheapest purchase but the body scrub does what it says on the tin and feels so luxurious- I would definitely recommend!

Neom Real Luxury Organic Scrub is £32 from

Review: La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo

January 15, 2013

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo


£13 - Boots

What does it claim to do?

"EFFACLAR DUO Corrective and Unclogging Anti-Imperfection Care helps reduce the appearance of imperfections and purifies pores. Effaclar Duo is a complete skincare solution that combines 4 active ingredients to act on the 2 major signs of skin with imperfections. Niacinamide and Piroone Olamine help reduce severe local imperfections by purifying the skin and protecting against breakouts developing. The LHA/Linoleic Acid combination helps unclog pores by eliminating dead cells responsible for their obstruction. These active ingredients are combined with soothing and anti-irritating La Roche-Posay thermal spring water." - Boots

What do I think?

I am always drawn into the blogger hype and this product has had a huge amount of raving reviews. I wanted the product even more once I'd been into a number of Boots stores to find it sold out at each one- luckily I found one left in the Guildford Boots! La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo describes itself as a complete solution for all types of imperfection prone skin and while I don't suffer majorly from acne I do get the occasional spot and they take a long time to fade. I hope that the Effaclar Duo would help with this.

My feelings on the Effaclar Duo are mixed. I have been using it for a month now and have been applying it most evenings and mornings- its consistency is gel-like and it absorbs very quickly into the skin. Most people have said they've noticed a difference overnight but I feel like it's taken me longer to notice a change in my skin and it hasn't been a huge change.

I haven't found that it's made the redness from my spots disappear any quicker- it has just generally made my skin look better- in a way that it's hard to describe. I wonder if it could be smoothing it and just generally improving its appearance. Chris has commented twice on how nice my skin has been looking so it must be doing something, I'm just not sure what! 

Apologies for the somewhat vague review- I feel quite medium about this much-hyped product. It may be that it has more dramatic results for really problematic skin which is why I haven't been amazed.

Edit: I wanted to update this review as I have stopped using the Effaclar Duo. I applied it one night and felt that my skin was feeling quite uncomfortable. I used it a couple of nights later and noticed that my cheeks had gone very red and were stinging slightly. I know that it is unsuitable for sensitive skin so it may be that mine is more sensitive than I thought!

Would I re-purchase?

I'm unsure. I am going to keep using it and when it runs out I'll see if I notice a big difference on my skin- if so I will probably buy it again.

Instagram - December

January 13, 2013
Christmas ornaments at my parents house// Bauble earrings - with my sister// Charlie posing in front of the Christmas tree// Christmas decorations// My t-shirt for our work party// OPI You Glitter Be Good To Me// Rob Ryan Believe in People Mug// Marshmallow Fluff// Wagamama Chicken Ramen

I have done a few Instagram posts in the past but in December I started using it properly and I am loving it. Let's be honest- everything just looks more lovely after its had some nice filters applied. The pictures above were all taken in December (hence the Christmas theme- I miss Christmas) and I'm going to start posting on a monthly basis. I know a lot of bloggers are doing these kind of posts so I hope you're not too sick of them!

Organic Surge Sale

January 12, 2013

I wanted to draw your attention to an amazing sale that Organic Surge are currently having. There is up to 60% off products until the 20th January- my favourite product from the brand, the Daily Care Face Wash is currently reduced from £5.19 to £3.37.

There is also a limited edition Organic Surge Mega Bundle (pictured above) which includes 10 products for just £24 (usual price £60) and so is a fantastic saving. It would also make a brilliant present for someone as who doesn't love a bundle of beauty products?! You can buy the Mega Bundle here.

My Pandora Bracelet - an update

January 08, 2013
I last posted about my Pandora bracelet in May when it was looking quite bare with only two charms. Since then my charm collection has grown and my bracelet is looking more full. The new charms have all actually been Christmas presents so I am currently adjusting to the extra weight!

I was given money for Christmas from my Grandparents and Nana so decided to buy two charms which reminded me of them- the Hedgehog and the Turtle charms (I would explain the reasons but it would take some time!). I was then bought the Flower Charm from Chris' parents and the Heart Charm from Chris' Grandma. I am in love with them all and everytime I look at my bracelet it makes me smile.

I now want to add a bit of colour to it as it's all a bit silver. Which colour to go for is the big question- I'm currently thinking a pale blue. Which colour scheme have you gone for with your bracelet (if you have one of course)?

A London Stroll

January 06, 2013
Yesterday Chris and I made our way to London Bridge, had a walk through Borough Market and then strolled along the Thames to enjoy the sights of London. We had a dose of culture after looking around the Tate Modern and then indulged in a Wagamama (Chicken Katsu Curry of course) at their Southbank branch. It was a lovely afternoon, albeit a bit grey. Am very looking forward to the start of Spring and some sunshine! Here are some photos from our afternoon.

Meet Swell Hair

January 04, 2013

Last month I was introduced to a new natural hair care brand called Swell Hair and of course wanted to share my thoughts and information on the range. Swell describe themselves and their products as a breakthrough natural hair care brand that brings real volume to fine, limp or thinning hair. Their three-step system is made of a minimum of 97% naturally sourced ingredients and includes an Advanced Volumizing Shampoo, Conditioner and Root Nutrient Complex Spray.

Each product has instructions on how to use it and you are told how much to use and how long to leave each product on for, depending on the length of your hair. I was offered the products to try and whilst I don't have fine, limp or thinning hair I am always wanting more volume so didn't hesitate to give these a whirl. I have tried the 3 step process a few times now and am really impressed with these products. I noticed such a difference after using it. Here is a photo straight after I'd blow-dried my hair (it was an Instagram shot so apologies for the quality) so you get an idea of the volume it provided.

I tend to alternate the brand of shampoo and conditioner that I use each time I wash my hair but have kept using the Root Nutrient Complex Spray and I love it! Has to be my favourite product of the three as it really provides a noticeable boost to your hair.

The range has launched this month and can be purchased directly from the Swell Hair website. It is a pricy range as it is so specialised (from £23-£30 per product) but you can currently try a set of the travel sized products for £15 which I would definitely recommend to see if it works for you. Even better, if you sign up to the Swell VIP Facebook page you can get a sample pack of the products for free!