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My Pandora Bracelet - an update

January 08, 2013
I last posted about my Pandora bracelet in May when it was looking quite bare with only two charms. Since then my charm collection has grown and my bracelet is looking more full. The new charms have all actually been Christmas presents so I am currently adjusting to the extra weight!

I was given money for Christmas from my Grandparents and Nana so decided to buy two charms which reminded me of them- the Hedgehog and the Turtle charms (I would explain the reasons but it would take some time!). I was then bought the Flower Charm from Chris' parents and the Heart Charm from Chris' Grandma. I am in love with them all and everytime I look at my bracelet it makes me smile.

I now want to add a bit of colour to it as it's all a bit silver. Which colour to go for is the big question- I'm currently thinking a pale blue. Which colour scheme have you gone for with your bracelet (if you have one of course)?
3 comments on "My Pandora Bracelet - an update"
  1. So gorgeous! I love the little hedgehog, so so cute! I think something blue would make a lovely addition. I got a blue murano glass bead for Christmas and it's beautiful! <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. I am getting one for my 18's birthday, can't wait!

  3. I love my Pandora so much! I never liked charm bracelets until I went into the store and walked out with one! Yours is looking very pretty :)


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