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Q and A a Day: 5 Year Journal

February 13, 2013

I have always enjoyed writing and used to (try and) keep diaries when I was younger. I would always start the year off well by writing every day but by the end of January this used to be far more sporadic. The Q & A a Day journal is the absolutely fantastic- I discovered it in one of Meg's Winter Gift Guide posts and ordered one for my sister, and for myself straightaway.

The journal is beautifully presented with gold lined pages and is a perfect size for tucking away, or keeping in your handbag if you so desire. I keep mine by the side of my bed and answer the question every evening- something I find myself looking forward to!

Every day you turn to today's date and answer the question. The questions vary from simple ones like 'What do you need to buy?' to more thoughtful ones such as 'can people change?'. It's such a great little concept and I'm looking forward to seeing how my answers change. It's also so easy to do every day which means I am far more likely to keep up with it!

I bought mine from Amazon and you can find it here for just over £7. Do you keep a journal?
5 comments on "Q and A a Day: 5 Year Journal"
  1. wow I love it! I don't keep a journal though, find it hard to keep up!
    Carissa xx
    Vanilla Crush Blog

  2. I got this in my stocking from my boyfriend at Christmas and I love it! I actually write in it every day which is a big achievement for me. It's such a great idea for a journal :) x

  3. I keep a journal and have done since the age of 9,. this is such a fantastic idea, thought provoking but dont think i can commit to buying a 5 year diary xx

  4. I purchased this 5 year journal just before the beginning of 2013 and have very naughtily not used it yet *slaps wrist*. You have inspired me to dig this out and start using it!

    Hannah - I've just posted about the key SS13 fashion trends

  5. This has gone straight on to my amazon wish list! I love it! x


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