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Primark holiday purchases

March 26, 2013
On the 3rd of April I am heading off to sunny Florida for 2 weeks to pay Mickey Mouse a visit and to get a much needed dose of vitamin D! My family and Chris are staying in a lovely villa with a pool and will be going to lots of the parks- I absolutely cannot wait. I have been to Orlando a few times now and just can't get enough of it- it will be Chris' first time there so I'm excited for him to come with us.

I decided that a trip to Primark was essential before we jet off and headed to the Tottenham Court Road store after work last week- I would usually visit the Marble Arch store but have heard a few bloggers saying that the Tottenham Court Road one is far better. I totally agree- it was busy but not awful and generally felt more spacious and enjoyable. I was very impressed with all of their spring/summer items and could have bought so much more.

So without further ado, here are my purchases:

I live in shorts and sundresses on sunny holidays and found these three shorts which I love. Some standard light denim shorts (£10) which come with a nice rose gold belt (usually I throw away the belts that come with items but quite like this one), a pair of bright pink ones with gold studs (£7) and a gorgeous pair with a floral and butterfly print (£4). I doubt I would wear these in the UK (maybe as pjs!) but for holiday they are so much fun.

I adore these broidery dresses which are a bargain at £5 each. I've already got one in white and couldn't resist getting it in more colours. They are so easy to wear, although you have to be careful with the lighter colours as they are very sheer! They have these dresses in so many colours.

This is the first maxi dress (£10) I've ever bought. I couldn't fit the whole thing in the photo but it is black with an interesting print on the back of it. As soon as I tried it on, I knew I had to buy it as it's surprisingly flattering (have been a bit wary of maxis as only 5ft 3!) and is perfect for evenings.

And finally, I bought a rucksack (£9). I haven't worn a rucksack in years but this is an essential when going round the parks in Orlando and I thought this was really cute.
8 comments on "Primark holiday purchases"
  1. You got some lovely bits. I especially like the shorts and little broderie anglaise dresses! Hope you have an amazing time at Disney :) xx

  2. Those Primark rucksacks are amaze & great value
    Bought one for my own trip to Cali this month :) x

  3. You got such lovely bits, I think a trip to Primark is in order!

    Sarah xx

  4. Lovely finds :) Especially love the minty green dress. I generally avoid the Primark in Bristol because it's like a mad house but I might have to brave it next time I'm in town to pick up some bargains!

  5. Ahh all the dresses are amazing!
    Kerri at HollyMuffin

  6. Love the dressed! SO jel you're going on holiday soon, can I hide in your suitcase please? ;)

    Jennie xo |

  7. Oooh love the maxi dress, have an amazing time, I'm going at the end of April so I need to do a bit of holiday shopping, so excited for some sun :)

  8. ahh i've been wanting those wee floral shorts for ages! I think I want them even more now after your post, they're just so cute! Also such lovely little summer dresses too, I have the white version :)


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