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Bath & Body Works PocketBacs

May 03, 2013
In Florida we paid a visit to The Mall at Millenia (a gorgeous mall- highly recommend!) and there was a Bath & Body Works store there. I was in heaven looking round it and if Chris wasn't with me I could have spent hours there! I bought a Fragrance Mist in their new scent called Beautiful Day which was only 14 dollars and smells divine. 

I also went a bit crazy on their anti-bacterial sprays- which they call PocketBacs. It was 5 for 5 dollars and so I had fun choosing five scents. We kept using them in the theme parks and they went down very well in the family- they don't have that horrible alcoholic/chemical smell that you usually find with anti-bac sprays and just smell delicious. 

I will stop rambling now as they're not the most sexy of products but they smell good, do the job and are a perfect mini size!

2 comments on "Bath & Body Works PocketBacs"
  1. Love all the amazing bedazzled holders for these too, Carex has nothing on B&BW!

    I always stock up on mini candles and anything that smells delicious when I'm there as sadly we can't get them here..

  2. 5 for $5?? That's mega cheapness!

    I can't wait to go to America in December and then hopefully again next April. They have the best beauty stuff and sweets! x


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