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May 01, 2013
1. Disney balloons!
2. Waiting for EPCOT to open- Chris not yet used to the Florida routine of early mornings!
3. Animal Kingdom
4. So many cheesecakes at where else but The Cheesecake Factory!
5. My sister, Jess at Animal Kingdom
6. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure
7.  Chris driving our hired Mustang
8. An evening shot of our beautiful villa pool
9. Posing with Marilyn at Universal Studios
10. The Magic Kingdom castle at night

On the 3rd of April my family, Chris and I jetted off to Florida for just over two weeks of sunshine, Disney and a lot of fun! I have been four times before but it was Chris' first visit to my favourite place in the world. We had the best time ever and did so much- we did all of the Disney parks and waterparks, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and Kennedy Space Centre too. Our 'rest days' were spent shopping and hanging around the villa pool.

I always have the best time in Orlando- I am at my happiest when I'm out there. We always stay in the same villa so it now feels like a home away from home and it was so great to have Chris with us and to see him loving it all too. I have had the worst holiday blues since coming home and just want to go back- Florida is the only holiday where I get that feeling and is probably why people book to go back as soon as they are home! I think Disney put you under a spell when you arrive which means you are forever attached to the place!

I also wanted to mention our flights there and back which were seamless. We flew direct with Virgin Atlantic and both journeys went without a glitch, the in-flight entertainment was fantastic and the cabin crew were brilliant. Chris, my Dad and brother are all nervous flyers but they found it all fine and this was definitely because of how smooth everything was- from checking in online to landing.

I took so many photos so have just picked a few to share- it was so difficult narrowing them down! Have you been to Florida before? Are you a Disney addict like me? I love chatting to fellow Orlando junkies!
8 comments on "Florida!"
  1. I am definitely a Disney addict! It looks like you had a great time :)

    Laura xo

  2. Ahh, love reading anything Disney related! I've been quite a few times when I was younger but haven't been there for almost 15 years - we're going back in 6 weeks and I can't contain my excitement anymore! Like you, its my boyfriends first time there so I'm hoping he shares my passion with me and realises why I've 'banged on' about it for so long! haha. Any recommendations/tips then throw them my way.. its been too long so I can't remember a thing! x

  3. Looks so much fun! :) Im flying to the US next year for the first time and have been a bit worried about it, but we're going with Virgin too so it's nice to hear good things! Rosie x

  4. Looks like you had a great time! I would love to visit Florida some time! x
    Amy |

  5. Looks great, how lovely you got to go in off season! I have family who've lived in Florida all their lives & I love getting to do all the fun stuff all the locals do - it's like my 2nd home & I miss it when I'm away too long!

  6. We went last year (my family and I) - it was a dream holiday, because normally we can't afford to go to Orlando, least not on a regular basis! We hadn't been for something like 14 years.
    Anyway, it was amazingggg. We had SUCH a good time, no one argued, the weather was perfect - we went in April, so it was not too hot - and we ate ourselves silly in the restaurants outside of Disney (Disney's food is a bit overpriced I think)

    When we got back we got the blues pretty badly too! We even looked into getting work there, after bumping into (small world) someone we actually knew who was working there!! But sadly working there is easier said than done :(

  7. aww looks like you had an amazing time! I love the Disney balloons :)
    Carissa xx
    Vanilla Crush Blog

  8. Those puddings.. oh my! I wish Cheesecake Factory would come over here :)

    I am really excited about going next year for the 6th time(!) Jonathan hasn't been before so it will be nice going to every park and doing every little thing/ride. Eeee exciting! I could talk about Florida all day :)


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