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H&M homeware

May 16, 2013
H&M homeware

3. Tray £6.99
4. Round glass vase £7.99
5. Jar £4.99
6. Egg cup £1.99
7. Basket £6.99
8. Blanket £34.99
Chris and I are hoping to buy our own home this year and are busy looking at potential flats in London. All very exciting (albeit stressful with the fast moving market!) and I've become obsessed with looking at items for the home and creating new boards on Pinterest.

I was excited to find the homeware section on the H&M website as it has so many lovely things at really reasonable prices! The items above are some of my favourites that I picked out and will be very tempted to buy when we own a place. 
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  3. I have the round vase and its gorgeous, I use it to store my mini nail polishes and it works perfectly. H&M have some lovely home things :)

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  6. I love H&M home ware, they have such a good range. Xo


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