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L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise EverRiche

May 27, 2013

Last year I signed up to be a L'Oreal Insider - click here to register. It's definitely worth registering for as you can get money off vouchers (you can choose your product preferences so that they are tailored for what you like) and you are occasionally sent samples of products to try- some of which are full size. The Hair Expertise EverRiche range arrived in the post for me a couple of months ago and I have finally gotten round to trying it.

EverRiche is the latest addition to the Hair Expertise line and I received the Nourishing & Flowing shampoo and conditioner for dry, fine hair and the Nourishing Intense Mask. They also have a Nourishing & Taming shampoo and conditioner which is for dry and rebellious hair.

The products are enriched with Botanical Oils and non-sulphate cleansing surfactants (a word I have never heard before!) and aims to leave hair nourished and flowing. They are aimed for dry hair and my hair is more oily/normal, however as I have it highlighted fairly regularly the ends are dry and so I like to use a nourishing range occasionally.

The best thing about this range is the scent- it smells divine! It is Camelina and Apricot Seed but I almost find it a bit coconut-y. It's hard to describe but it's my favourite ever shampoo/conditioner fragrance.  

My thoughts on this are mixed. I loved the scent and how silky and manageable it made my hair initially- especially the mask which made my hair feel crazy smooth, however as the product is so rich it made my hair get greasy quite quickly and it looked quite limp. This is probably because my hair is not the target for these three products and also because I may have used too much product- a little goes a long way so I will be trying smaller amounts next time.

The shampoo and conditioner cost £5.99 and the mask costs £6.99.
4 comments on "L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise EverRiche"
  1. My hair would love this! Such great packaging too. Awesome review as i hadnt even seen these around yet.

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  2. These sound great! I always find myself using too much of products with no sulphates as they don't foam up as much as regular shampoos!

    The Dress Code | A Beauty, Music, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  3. These look great - I'm always on the search for products without sulphates! They really help with hair growth.

  4. Ooh the mask sounds lovely, will definitely look out for these!

    Jennie xo |


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