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Summer Prep - Hair Removal

May 14, 2013
Preparing for summer

As I sit on the sofa, looking out of the window at the rain pouring down it is hard to feel like we are ever going to have a spring or summer! But it's better to think positive (otherwise I might go crazy) and so I thought I'd do a post about getting those pins ready for some sunshine. Not the most glamorous of posts but it's a necessity!

In an ideal world I would pay for the best laser hair removal as having smooth legs for the rest of my life is highly appealing, and would save me a lot of time! It is a pricey treatment however, and so for the moment I am sticking to my usual way of de-fuzzing. 

Back when I was  young my Mum scared me by telling me that shaving would make the hair on my legs grow back thicker and spiky (this was true) and so I started removing the hair on my legs by using hair removal cream (4). The creams are easy to use although do take a bit longer than shaving. Simply put the cream on your legs, wait about 5 minutes and then remove with the spatula that comes with it. I used to hate having to apply the cream with my hands as it was such a strong scent which is why Veet's Spray On Hair Removal Cream looks like a great idea.

After using these creams for a while I moved onto shaving (1) and this is what I have used for hair removal ever since. The best razor in my opinion is the Gillette Venus range- I tried the Gillette Venus & Olay razor while in Florida and loved it- as you shave it also moisturises and doesn't leave you with dry skin that needs a heavy dose of body lotion!

Another popular way to remove hair is by using an epilator (3)- even typing the word makes me wince! I tried the Braun Silk-epil 7 Dual Epilator which can be used on wet or dry skin. I tried it once and couldn't bear it so it was handed straight to my Mum who has used it since and loves it. She says that it gets far less painful once you start using it regularly but you do have to keep it up! My friend uses one too though and finds it fine so I guess it is all about pain threshold. As you have probably gathered- I have a low one! Epilating is great for removing the most tiny of hairs (as it literally pulls them all out!) and so leaves your skin super smooth for up to four weeks.

And finally onto waxing (2)- again something I have only dabbled in as waxing the bottom of my legs just hurt TOO MUCH. I have only had mine done professionally but there are so many great at home waxing kits that you can use these days- the Veet EasyGrip Ready-to-Use Wax Strips just need to be warmed between your hands before putting on your skin and removing it.

So they're your main options this summer for getting your legs lovely and smooth. What do you use to get your legs nice and silky?

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2 comments on "Summer Prep - Hair Removal"
  1. I love and hate waxing! I once withstood thenpain of waxing my upper lip only to get really bad scabs because i apparently over did it (i was waxing the same spot 3x woops) but i dont really mind it, i really want to try an epilator but i feel like like that would be hardcore. Imagine epilating the bikini area for the dirst time >.< that would bt torture! ..Eventually pain lessons (is my motto).

    I love the venus razors they are amazing
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  2. Just the idea of having hairs ripped out via waxing or epilating makes me wince..ouch!! Gotta love the convenience & (sort of) painlessness of shaving..


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