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The Daily Commute

May 24, 2013

At the end of March, Chris and I moved back to my parents’ house in Surrey. We have moved back for a few months so that we can save some pennies and hopefully buy a flat in London.

I have gone from a 15 minute bus journey to an hour and a half door to door commute- I’ve become one of those people who sits in the same area of the train every day and has become a pro at weaving through people in rush hour at Waterloo station.

If the journey was going to be a permanent fixture rather than a temporary thing, then I’m sure I’d be feeling different but at the moment I am quite enjoying this time to myself. I have been flying through the books on my Kindle, reading the Metro and Evening Standard every day- in addition to Stylist on a Tuesday and the ES magazine on a Friday. I have also been enjoying reading Allure on the Zinio app on my iPad. Throw in a bit (a lot) of candy crush and some train napping and it’s quite a nice 3 hours every day.

It’s not all fun of course- there are always the irritating other commuters that you have to deal with- the men who have to take up half of my seat by sitting with their legs apart, the people who take up a seat with their bag on the packed train home and the very loud lady shouting on her phone.

What is your commute like? What do you do to pass the time? I know this is a different post from my usual but I’m quite enjoying a move to more of the lifestyle posts as well as beauty.
2 comments on "The Daily Commute"
  1. I have a commute of just over an hour and couldn't live without my Kindle and iPod! I find reading makes the journey go quickest, but a bit of people watching is always fun too!


  2. Right now I`m here in the Philippines and I commute in jeepney or fx or bus. I always bring my earphones so I don`t get bored. Haha! :D But I need to take those off if I`m going to cross the street. Just being extra careful! Haha! I love the photo.


Thank you for the comment! x