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Haircare Heroes

June 14, 2013

These three products are my current haircare heroes. They are all absolutely fantastic. I have used and tried so many hair products over the past few years and am constantly changing my shampoo and conditioner but these three are products that make a noticeable different to my locks.

The Touch of Silver Twice a Week Brightening Shampoo is formulated for blonde hair (and grey and white) to actively neutralise brassiness in blonde hair. It does exactly what it says. You massage the purple shampoo into your hair and then leave it for 5 minutes to work its magic, and then simply rinse. You have to be careful not to get purple everywhere and also not to leave it in your hair too long as I've heard of it turning blonde a bit grey/purple. Luckily I've never had that issue. My hair is always so much brighter after using it, and recently I've had comments from people asking if I have had my hair highlighted again- the sign of a great hair product!

I have also been loving the L'Oreal Paris EverRiche Nourishing Hair Mask*. I have tried the whole range (read my post here) but have been really impressed with the mask after using it a few times. It smells incredible and makes my hair so smooth and soft. You have to be careful not to use too much as it can make hair greasy but I've found that a walnut size amount is perfect. 

My final stand out product is something I've had for a while but have never really used properly. It's the Pureology SuperSmooth Smoothing Elixir and claims to replenish and smooth highly sensitized hair (I had to look up what highly sensitized means and I believe it is hair that is exposed to high heat and hair dyes). You simply apply evenly through damp hair and then dry it. This is very similar to the EverRiche Nourishing Mask in that it makes your hair really silky and smooth. I am really keen to try more Pureology products now as have been so impressed with this.

What are your haircare heroes at the moment?
5 comments on "Haircare Heroes"
  1. I've recently started trying Moroccan Oil on my hair and I've noticed a huge difference. I'm looking for a nourishing mask type product though so will definitely keep my eye out for the L'oreal one. :)

    Heather xx

  2. I use the L'Oreal hair mask aswell and i love it has been a total life saver for my hair!

    Claire does beauty

  3. I think I owe my hair a good mask, after years of straightening - I think I might get the L'oreal one now, looks really great :)x

  4. I'm using the silver shampoo as well I really like it so far :) X

  5. Great post Ms. Daisy! I found that L'Oreal Paris EverRiche Nourishing Hair Mask here! I might try it! :)


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