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Listography - Your Life in Lists

July 04, 2013

I love writing a good list. I write to-do lists, food shopping lists and don't even get me started on holiday packaging lists. I love the satisfaction of ticking off things and feeling organised. Such a geek.

I think I first saw a Listography book mentioned on the Milk Bubble Tea blog (post here) and knew that it was most definitely my kind of thing. I had a birthday voucher to spend last month and so decided to get the Your Life in Lists book - as I'm sure is quite obvious it is a book filled with different types of lists and by the time you've filled it all in, you have a loose autobiography. 

The Listography journals are by Lisa Nola and there are quite a few different ones to choose such as Friends Listography, Music Listography and My Future Listography. I can see myself buying them all. They also make great presents as are something a bit different. 

I bought mine from Amazon and it cost £8.27.

8 comments on "Listography - Your Life in Lists"
  1. I love making lists abd ticking things off to the point where i add 'write a list' on my to do list lol. I want a listogrsphy book too :)

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  2. I really want this! I love making lists whether they're for; blog posts, shopping, makeup ideas anything really! :)
    Amy |

  3. What an amazing gift idea! I am an obsessive list maker so it's a good job I don't own one of these as I honestly don't think I could just buy one.


  4. Nice posts x

  5. Hello thanks for the little mention :) glad you like it they're lovely books to fill in and look back over xx

  6. Ahh these look awesome - great idea to give one as a gift, I know a few people who'd love them! Xo

  7. This sounds like something I would absolutely love!

    Jennie xo |

  8. Oh wow! I need this in my life. like you, I'm a massive list geek haha :)

    Lucy ox


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